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Bella came from a rich noble family. She was a sweet and innocent girl at first glance. Always wearing that angelic smile, never faltering, who would have thought that everything was just for show- like a predator hiding her true colors.

"How did they met?" Asked Heath as he brushes Marcus' sweating forehead.

"Like any other royal love story- they met at a ball."

"Typical." Replied Heath with a smug smile.

"Now now listen carefully..." She cleared her throat as she continued to her story. "As I was saying. They met at a ball that was hosted by his majesty in the hope that he could find her mate before his coronation, back then he was still a prince. I king without a Queen is a sign of weakness to his manliness- at least that's where the old saying. Bella arrived late at the ball which supposes to be a great insult to his royal highness but somehow... He caught the eyes of our dearest prince. He came forth towards her and took her hand and proposed instantly in front of the whole crowd. Everyone was surprised- even Bella herself. Oh, how young and naive our prince was. Bella said yes that night, and the preparations for the wedding started the day after that. They didn't even get the chance to know each other. I truly had my doubts about her, I did saw her with another man. And they were rather intimate with each other. I couldn't dare to tell his majesty- he won't, believe me, that's for sure and what's worse I'll be sentenced to death. So I kept my mouth shut and decided to keep it to myself.

How I regretted it now... but I couldn't risk it, I have a son, no one's going to take care of him if I were to depart from this world.

Days passed and the wedding came. I look at the eyes of his majesty, and I could see he was the happiest man alive. I thought my decision back then was right, but I saw how things began to change as his majesty was treated poorly by his own beloved wife.

That woman was horrible, such little things and her temper would be higher than an erupted volcano. But the king was helpless with his wife's needs and wants. He would move mountains for her if she bids. Any task requested would surely be done in an instant.

The day when Marcus arrived at the palace--- he was recently got dispatched from his orphanage because he had come of age. A strong and willful boy he was. He came to me carrying a poster on his hand. So I tested him- I laid numerous dishes on the table. If he would be tempted to eat even just one small bite, I would have to send him off and find another place to work. It was amusing to see how he struggled not to eat them- he was starving after all. But he still hesitated and that proves his loyalty and perseverance.

It didn't take long when he was finally getting used to the place, everything was rather going smoothly until Sir David, the King's cousin, find a liking to Marcus. I warned him about Sir David, but even with my warning, he was still helpless when he took him. Tainted him. The poor boy came running to me, I've never seen him so broken before. He told me everything about what happened. So I assured him. Sooth him. I told him that everything would be alright now, that Sir David won't harm you anymore-''

'' How so?''

''Because it happened more than once. He usually does that. Laying with multiple partners was never known to some men, but Marcus' situation was different... Sir David would never have the same partner, every night it would be a different person. But he somehow liked Marcus more compared to others. But not that it's a good thing.

The day came when Bella was pregnant with a child. The king made a huge feast that night, but Bella was acting differently. It was obvious she doesn't want the child. A week after news suddenly scattered that the queen lost her child mysteriously. Bella blamed the King, she alleged that because of his lack of presence that stress consumed her and the baby and assumptions that he was cheating on her. But we all knew that was a lie. We all knew the truth but failed to tell the king. Our poor majesty was depressed and took the blame. He tried to beg for forgiveness but Bella, as selfish as he may be, further accuse him with treachery. We all hated her, we hated her for treating our dear king in such a way. He was a proud king, a good one, a wise one, and she ought to to see that by now.

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