Falling for the bad girl by mydelusionalsoul
Falling for the bad girlby mydelusionalsoul
Bella sat down on her bed to process all of this. For the first time in her life, Bella wished she could just stop everything. She didn't want to feel anything anymore...
  • teenfiction
  • lgbtlove
  • lgbt
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It Starts With You [B×B] |✔ by celinesilvaxx
It Starts With You [B×B] |✔by ć e l į n e
[ COMPLETED ] #1 in lgbtfiction #6 in Badboy #1 in lgbtlove Seeing all his friends deeply in love, had Gabriel wondering whether he's incapable of being loved by someon...
  • lgbtlove
  • featured
  • enemiestolovers
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The Pajama Kid by SippingSpiffingTea
The Pajama Kidby SippingSpiffingTea
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a state of profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may get worse with physical or mental activity. This fatigue significan...
  • gay
  • lgbtq
  • gayfiction
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Lost Soul by x_insertname
Lost Soulby x_insertname
Rin Okumura, the Son of Satan. All he wants is to be loved again, and he will do everything he can to get that back. But what happens when he finally gives up?
  • yukiookumura
  • rinokumura
  • blueexorcist
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She Gets The Girl by kirstinchu
She Gets The Girlby Ann
A short story about a popular girl where she doesn't end up with that jock guy.
  • lesbian
  • cute
  • lgbt
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Princess and Trouble (girlxgirl) by plzreadme
Princess and Trouble (girlxgirl)by plzreadme
Two girls, two different walks of life, one love story. Dakota Springson was a princess. Not an actual princess, but you know the type. Rich parents, good looks, got eve...
  • romance
  • lgbt-themed
  • lesbian
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Warriors Submissive Beta by hailee0418
Warriors Submissive Betaby Hailee
Book #2 in the 'Mine' series Leo is the new beta of the Red Forrest pack. He's sweet, caring, and over all a pretty down-to-earth guy. It's been a few months since he's...
  • lgbtlove
  • gay
  • mates
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A Little Bit of Sunshine (MxM)|√ by Anonymous_Summers
A Little Bit of Sunshine (MxM)|√by Summers
Xander is your typical business man. A boring one with little to no excitement in his life. One rainy day after work he happens to stumble upon a little girl on his fron...
  • homosexuality
  • manxman
  • lgbtlove
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Doctors Orders (Manxman) by ana_on_fire_oww
Doctors Orders (Manxman)by Anasuya
Damien Rogers and Tristan Cooper were the kind of friends you would look at and say 'friendship goals'. From high school best friends to college room mates they had been...
  • bestfriends
  • lgbt
  • doctor
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Fangirl(girlxgirl)(billie eilish) by Aye_me123
Fangirl(girlxgirl)(billie eilish)by 🥑Bellyache🥑
  • lgbtpride
  • gayromance
  • girlxgirllove
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Bad Boy Knows My Secret (BxB) by OliverDunham
Bad Boy Knows My Secret (BxB)by Oliver Dunham
Jesse's life turns upside down once the football player from his school finds out he's gay. Because of that he has to obey to jock's every command or else his secret wil...
  • malexmale
  • bxb
  • boylove
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i thought you were a boy by katasstrophe
i thought you were a boyby ˗ˏˋ k a t ˎˊ˗
Connecting to Video Chat... "Hi!" "Oh. Oh my god. Oh god." "What?" "I thought you were a boy." --- all characters and situations...
  • lgbt
  • story
  • nosmut
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Mutual Desire by Unknown__pen
Mutual Desireby Unknown__pen
  • homosexuality
  • billionaire
  • passion
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All Boys Foster Home (Boyxboy) by shameless24
All Boys Foster Home (Boyxboy)by Irrelevant
Ash Stymest has been to foster home to foster home. No one ever wanted to keep him, but most of the time he was taken out of homes because of the abuse. He is now curren...
  • brothers
  • boyxboy
  • sexual
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Changes (Belle Morte Book 4) by Bella_Higgin
Changes (Belle Morte Book 4)by Bella_Higgin
Belle Morte's enemies have finally been brought to justice, but the vampire world is still under threat. People are calling for the end of the donor system and for vampi...
  • newadult
  • lgbtfiction
  • celebrity
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The Father The Son The Campe Diem by haiseblack666
The Father The Son The Campe Diemby Bʟᴀᴄᴋ Rᴏsé
Set after the events of Parent's Day, things haven't exactly gone back to normal how everyone thought they would. The camp gets a few upgrades and much needed repairs, b...
  • anxietydisorder
  • stevenuniverse
  • dadvid
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Waiting For You by MackieJay
Waiting For Youby Mackie Jay
Amelia always knew she wanted to have lots of kids one day, but being married to a transgender man in a small southern town means the journey to parenthood won't be so c...
  • transgender
  • ivf
  • lgbtlove
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Before The Sun Sets (ManxMan) by -carmin
Before The Sun Sets (ManxMan)by Carrie
How do you save a marriage? Adam doesn't know what to do. How does he fight for his marriage, for his kids, when his husband is never home? How does he get his husband t...
  • family
  • freethelgbt
  • children
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He's the one//BxB  by MelanieM00
He's the one//BxB by Melanie
"The longer you wait the more he will hate you for not telling him." "He'll hate me anyway." ~~~~~~~~~~ Ch...
  • werewolves
  • boyxboy
  • gay
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Should he matter? (BXB) by Music_Books_Sleep
Should he matter? (BXB)by FluffyBoyLove
Thank you so much to @sammahabib for the amazing book cover!! I absolutely love it! 💕💕💕 WARNING: This is a boyxboy book; also is a bit of a cliche but not totally as...
  • bullying
  • boyxboy
  • wattpride
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