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When Heath opened his eyes he was awed by the thousands of books that occupied the wall. Some were scattered on the floor, probably because there's no where else to put it.

"Do you like it?" Asked the beast.

Heath finally drifted out from his thoughts and paid attention to the beast.

He nods in reply keeping his head low.

"I.... I love it..."

It was silent for a long moment and it was beginning to get awkward so Gale cleared his throat and said;

"Then it's yours!" He said excitedly. " Take your time here, and if you need me I'll be at my quarters."

Gale left the room with a satisfied smile.

He can already see that Heath was slowly opening up to him; trusting him...

Before closing the door he took one last glimpse of his form and then left.


"I've never seen you smile like that?" Mocked David. "I'm guessing it turns out rather well?"

Gale nodded in reply as they both walked the long corridor.

"How about you?"

Gale asked but there was no reply.


"He's avoiding me."

They stopped on their track.

"When I had enough I confronted him inside my quarters.... I was feul in anger when he avoided me, but.... When we reached my room all my ire was gone in an instant when I saw his trembling form..... Tears running down his cheeks as he protected himself from me..."


"It pained me to see him fearing me..."

"The feeling's mutual..." Said Gale.


Gales thus excused himself and left the room.

Once Gale left the room they both at the exact time let a sigh of relief.

Heath gladly explored the whole shelf. Reading new stories and some were rather explicit for his innocent mind.

"I've read books that involved sexual interaction but this is too much. It's too specific and defined." He said closing the book and returning to whence it came.

He fully regretted opening it cause after reading some of the text he remembers what the beast did to him.

Those same words appeared in the book which he experienced himself...

"He raped me..."

And in an instant all his mood was ruined. He tried to distract himself with more books and fortunately it worked like a charm.

But the feeling is still their...

His cheek that the beast once slapped is still aching...

The blood dripping on his legs were still clear to him.

The pain that he tried to fight when he was forcedly entered.

He begged but he never listened.

He closed the book that he desperately tried to read from all the thoughts now consuming him.

He sighs and left the room.

"O-ow... sto-...p.... it hurts....."
"We haven't started yet, and now you are crying."


The beast licked Heath's face and soon laid small kisses on his neck down to his back.

"We're both men!"

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Please.... Stop... " He gripped his hair fighting his thoughts.

"Please.... Stop... I.... I'm scared"

"No... no... no... don't.... "

"Such foreign thing should not go on there!"

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! STOP IT! STOP!" Heath screamed and dropped on the floor as those horrible thoughts continued to play in his mind.

"Heath!" Marcus heard the noise and scurried to his side.

"MAKE IT STOP!" Heath once again shouted, he begin to cry harder on Marcus' neck.

"Shhh... just listen to my voice." He said on his ears.

"Listen only to my voice. Take deep breaths and close your eyes..." Marcus brush Heath's back as he begun to hum a lullaby.
Heath's cries turn into a whimper and soon fell asleep on his arm.

Noticing that Heath is already asleep he tried to carry him but failed when a pain struck him on his waist, and both of them fell.

"Oouch..." Marcus said as he rubs his waist.

"What are you doing out of bed?" A voice which came from a person that he feared the most.

He was expecting to get hit but instead the weight of Heath was taken from him. He opened his eyes and saw that David is carrying Heath.

He stared at them for a while until he was mentally slapped by David's voice;

"Go back to our room and rest. I'll take care of him."

Marcus carefully stood up and slowly walked away after saying a 'thank you'. It was weak but clear to the ears of his beholder.

David walked the opposite direction but he looked backed momentarily and saw that Marcus was trying his best not to walk limping.

He continued to his path and ignored the poor Marcus.

"Shit!" He mumbled to himself.

Gale was interrupted by a knock from the door.

"Who is it?" He said making sure to keep his voice distill, it might be Heath.

"It's me. Open up." After hearing the words of David he rolled his eyes and grunted.

"What is it that-" He couldn't finish what he was about to say when he saw Heath unconscious in the arms of David.


"Panic Attack..." David simply said. "Take care of him, I need to care of someone else."

Gale took Heath from David and thanked him.

He laid him on the bed and covered him with a soft blanket made by the finest fabrics.

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