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I woke up covered in bruises and..... BLOOD!

I quickly covered my mouth preventing myself to puke from such scenery.

My thighs were covered in dried blood. It stained my bed sheet like a flood.

I kept myself from wailing, I kept my cries to myself. I clenched at the bed sheet after finally feeling the amount of pain he inflected on my body.

I felt dirty.


Not only did he not steal my virginity, he also took my pride as a man.

I can't stay here anymore. I'm quitting... I'm leaving for good.


"You're leaving?! My dear boy why so sudden?"

As expected Mrs. Potts would definitely be devastated... I kept myself in meek silence. She was looking at me with worried some eyes. She looked at me asking for answers.

"L-last night....he went into my room... I.... I couldn't.... I was.... I just... I don't want that to happen again... I'm scared... Mrs. Potts... I... I... I need to leave." I said my goodbyes and left without turning back. I can't go back to that place anymore.

But where do I go?

Where will I stay?

I don't know... But it's better than that place.

I took my last breath as I looked at the castle one last time before crossing the gates. And as I turned around to proceed to my journey someone grabbed me.

"Where do you think your going?" Sir David said as he gripped my arm tight.

"Let go of me!" I said wiggling my arms to be free. "I'm leaving! I quit! I signed up to be a servant not to be your whore!"

After that I slapped his face and he finally let's go of me.

He was quite...

But then he started smiling...

"You just struck a prince." I gasp as he grab my hand once again.

I rushed to get free but he was too strong for me to handle.

"It is punishable by law... What you did was treason. Do really want to die?" He squeezes my arm tightly enough to make me shed a tear.

"Ow! Pl-please! Just let me go!" I begged him as I fall into my knees from the pain.

"You're coming with me."

"What! No please! Please! I beg of you-" he pulled me hard making me follow his lead to wherever he may take me.

I manage to break free from his grasp but something stopped me again.

It wasn't sir David...  It was something..... Majestic.

That's when the curse started. Anyone inside the borders of the kingdom were trapped and cursed. I tried to get out, but each time I try I'm being pushed away by some king of magic. The King started to change... He was the only one who could come in and out of the castle. He uses that time to slaughter some villagers he encounters. He was broken like a shredded glass.

Sir David wasn't any different. His curse was the same as his majesty, he would turn into a beast every full moon. And he would come every night to take me.

I prayed for hope... Then he came.

He was my hope for my redemption.

But it pained me to see him suffer as I did.

I know how it felt to be violated. I know the pain and suffering. I know every inch of his skin burns as those touch scans his body. Those rough hands that would insist on tarnishing our helpless souls. Those rough hands that binds us to this hellish lifestyle I get to live for years.

And now the present...

The ever painful present and reality.

The curse affected everyone differently. Others became beast of the night where their skin sheds into fur. Their jaws expanding until they fully transform into a huge wolf. Those who do, they were tasked to guard the palace borders; his majesty never liked intruders you see.

The others were much gentlier than the once I just mentioned... much docile and beautiful. Their back grew butterfly wings and they would heal wounded worriors that threatens to destroy the palace, and some would even marry them.

As years go by our poplulation slowly expanded. We've become a colony of unknown species. Perculiar things....

Peculiar happenings...

Women aren't the only once capable of pregnancy anymore. Men with unique body types were able to give birth.....

This fact scares me so...

Because I fear their might me life growing inside me.

My dear readers I apologize for the delay but I will be updating more frequently now. I was brain storming with my friend as to how to end the story... And I didn't like her idea since she wants Heath and Marcus dead. So with a lot of arguement I finally have an idea.... but rest assured that it will end ok.

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