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"Are you lost... My pet?"

Like lightening I scurried away from the owner of the voice and stepped back multiple times that I actually injured my back due to the kitchen counter. I hissed in pain as I drop on the floor, legs already weak from the fright and the pain.

I couldn't understand what I was feeling... The pain on my back was immense but the figure that I couldn't see is slowly approaching me. The heels on his shoes echoed through my ears signaling that he's coming... This instantly had me on panic mode as I tried to escape crawling away from the sound.

I could hear his sickening giggle, obvious enough that he was amuse by my reaction.

I couldn't see a thing. I don't know where I am...

If I could find a wall that would be a great help for me. This could help me determine where I am.

With maximum effort and with a dash of adrenaline I manage to feel a wall. Thankful that I was able to know my location now. I'm in the hallway... I'm close!

This instantly motivated me... Apart from the fact that his voice is also intimating me at the same time.

"Calm now..." He said angelically, but I know behind that smile means more... He's gonna violate me again. Fuck I don't wanna go through that again.

His laugh surrounded my senses and I just want to go to sleep... I'm scared. I walked faster. Tried running even, but each time I do my steps falter which causes me to fall on the ground, and everytime I do I could here him inching closer.

When I spotted a rays of light shining on the floor. I knew that was my room. I left my candles on before I left. I ran even if I'm going to stumble, I ran until I reach the door knob and shut it close. I feel like I was running forever... I was heaving loudly. My head was leaning on the door looking for any sign if he'd followed me this far.

When it was silent for more than five minutes I sigh in relief as a smile formed on my shivering lips, exhausted from the terrifying experience just now.

"Thank...goodness..." I said as I turned around ready to retire, but once again I somehow slammed my face on a hard wall. But this time I know exactly this isn't a wall.

I didn't have time to react when he slammed me on the door, locking my hands above my head. Trust me I tried to get away, but each time I struggle he would slap my legs keeping me at bay. If you think it didn't hurt you're wrong. It stings like hell that I actually whimpered.

"P-please.... Let me go... Please sir..." I begged tears already streaming down my cheeks. I shouldn't have done that. Now I could see that excites him more.

He lean closer licking my neck. He sucked my earlobe then bit it, that made me jolt and started squirming. This made him mad and slap my thigh harder this time.


"Ow!" I cried.


"Please! I-" Slap. "AahhOw!!!"

I earned three painful slaps from my defiance.

My legs were shaking... The only thing that kept me standing is his grip on my waist.

He once again leans on my neck sucking it, then crawls his tongue down to my collar then slopping on my nipple. He twirl his tongue around it earning another whimper coming from me.

"S-stop...ahm..mmp" I tried muffling my moans. Even if I hate his act I'm still feeling it.

He retreats from my nipple and went back to my neck sucking it once again. Then he traced my jaw with his tongue until finally he stopped on my lips. I closed it tight. Refusing to open it up for him even though his tongue begged for entrance.

"Open.your.mouth." He said slowly when I didn't no matter how many times he licked my lips.

I didn't response nor opened it for him. I knew another slap would be coming soon.

One thing I notice about him is that...

He has no patience...

His dominant hand suddenly went around gripping my ass cheeks, spreading it as he played with my hole. He didn't put it in yet... He circles it's finger around the ring agitating it.

I shudder in response.

Without words I know what he means....

Open or I'll use this.

Having no choice I opened my mouth slowly... Yet I haven't fully opened it yet when he attacked it like a hungry beast. His tongue went inside playing with my own. I was debating wether I should bite or not, but choose not to. Who knows what he could do if I misbehave....

Feeling satisfied in violating my mouth he pulled away and bit hard on the side of my neck.

I wince in pain and tried to pull his head away, but his grip on me was firm.

When he finally retreated he rest his two fingers on my lips and said;


Suck? But why? Does he have a thing for fingers?

When confusion was obvious on my features he grab my chin and made me looked at him.

"My innocent little pet... Unless you want it dry...... suck it... wet it with your tongue." He demanded in a such sweet tone but with obvious malice.

I did as he commanded. Even though I don't know what was his intentions were.

I hesitently opened my mounth and sucked his fingers...

"Do it properly." He said scolding me making me flench and backed away. But he caught my wrist and pulled me in.

I fought again with my might. I thought he only does it once! Why am I in this situation?!

"Please! Let me go! I... I won't make a scene! I'll keep my mouth shut so please... " I begged and this made him halt.

And here I though he'll consider it...

He suddenly pulled me close bumping into his chest. He lean close to my ears, arms locked with his mighty grip.

"Do you really think I care for my image after all these years...''

He started to undo my trousers!

''No! Please!'' He pretended as if he didn't heard my pleas.

When he finally succeded in undressing my trouser I instantly panicked. Adrenaline was rushing through and I did what I didn't expect myself to do...

I punched him.

This made him stopped from his tracks. His movement falter and his face showed absolute disbelief.

This isn't good.

It was obvious my punch didn't hurt him. But somehow this was enough to silence even the flowing stream just outside my window. It was my lulluby at night... but now it was conplete silence...

Nature itself was aware of what was about to befall...

Be warned that the next chapter is rated R.

Luv you readers mwa😘

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