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"I'm.... pregnant...?"

I'm pr-pregnant...

The physician nodded a few times looking sorry for me.

"Marcus... Everything will be okay." No matter what he says nothing can sole my confused and painful state.

I'm pregnant with his child?

"Do you know who the father is?" Metro asks me as he wrote sometimes on the paper. Probably subscriptions for my pregnancy.

I stayed quiet.

Of course, I know.

"I only slept with one person... He was... My first... And kept becoming my first..." I said as I try to comprehend everything.

What should I do?

Do I tell him?

What if he doesn't what this?

What if he decides to get rid of it?

No. This child... I... I want it. I want to see this child growing up. I... I finally have a family.

I shouldn't tell him.

"Whoever the father is, he has every right to know that your preg-"

"David," I said to Metro. He stopped and looked at me in disbelief. "David Is the father."

"Metro I don't know what to do. I can't tell him. I can't. What if he doesn't want this child! What if he wants to get rid of this! I don't want that! Metro please help me... Help me keep this a secret...." I pleaded to him. I can see the look of sympathy in his eyes.

He releases a deep sigh and shakes his head.

"I'm sorry Marcus. All I can do is to keep this news between us, but if he comes barging at my door demanding some explanation... I can't do anything but tell him the truth."

I fell in despair.

He'll found out eventually...

And the day arrived...

Too soon then I've expected.

I lied telling him that it wasn't his. He believed me surprisingly.

He throws a big fit. He kept asking me who the father was, but I couldn't name one. Even if there was another man I would never tell him, knowing him he would hunt that man.

The whole escapade was heard by the entire crew. Even his Majesty became too concerned and intervene. Heath dragged my crying state out of the room and escorted me to their room. There I was sobbing. My hormone is all over the place.

Heath manages to calm me down. He made sure that I was properly tucked and well situated. He was a great person. Unlike me, I am pathetic. I was too stressed out that sleep succumbs to me soon after.


When I woke up it was already another day. Heath was beside me still fast asleep. A small knock erupted from the room and I started to panic. My thoughts were flooded by David entering the room. Fortunately, it was just Mrs. Potts carrying with her a tray of warm beverages.

"Good morning child. How are you feeling?" She asked even though she knows I feel horrible, but I gave him a small smile and replied;

"I am good Mrs. Potts thank you for asking."

She offered me a herbal tea. She said it would be good for the baby. I gladly accepted it and not long after Heath woke up.

"Good morning. How are you feeling?" He said as he situated himself.

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