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I have my exams next week. But since I owe you a lot for not updating in a very long time... I'll update another story.

This isn't good.

It was obvious my punch didn't hurt him. But somehow this was enough to silence even the flowing stream just outside my window. It was my lulluby at night... but now it was conplete silence...

Nature itself was aware of what was about to befall...

He paused, face sideward after my punch.

Then his suddenly grip my wtist tight... close enough to dislocate it.

"Ow! Stop that!"

He turned his face looking at me with a gaze that peirces your soul. That immediately silenced me.

What is he planning to do?

Is he going to kill me?

At that moment all I could think of was how I could escape. With the door being locked behind me. Window meters away from me. And a grip that's crushing my wrist... indeed a miracle is what I need.

He held my hair and tilted my head.

He was silent througout the whole scene.

He lean on my neck and bit into my fleash. This time he wasn't just teasing me... he was just trying to rip my flesh.


He continues to bite deeper and I screamed on the top of my lungs until he was finally satisfied.

I was helplessly weak after he retreats back. Too weak from the shouting and struggling. My neck was a bleading mess... Without his arms keeping me up, I would be lying on the floor at any time he decides to let go of me.

But he didn't...

Instead he undo his trouser and turned me back, facing the door.

My mind panicks and the struggling begins again. This time he took him less effort to lock my hands... as a matter of fact he didn't have to... I was too frail to fight back...

"Please... Sir David... please... I...I can't-"

With his right arm he lifted my right leg. I took refuge on the door frame keeping myself balanced. When I felt his hands trailing my leg stopping at my butt cheeks I figured what comes next... would involve me experiencing a high amount of pain.

I shivered the whole entire time. Heartbeat rising.

With a few stroke at the ring of my anus, the next thing I felt behind me was something hot... and hard.

I knew what it was.

"I'M SORRY FOR PUNCHING YOU.... just please... don-"

He disregarded my pleas and with no warning he shove everything in with one full thrust.

I could feel myself breaking.

He thrusted so hard my left foot was lifted up the ground.

If only you could imagine the pain of being forcibly open.  I balwed loudly from the amount of pain he was inflicting on me.


As if he wasn't satisfied he grab hold both of my arms, whisperd on my ears saying;

"I'm putting it all in..."

And he did just that.

"Hya! W-wait!"

I could feel him reaching deeper inside me.

"Y-you're.... ahh!... YOU'RE TOO DEEP!"

With a loud grunt coming from him I knew he entirely shove every inch inside.

My hand tried to stop his hips from keeping on thrusting. He pulls out his massive thing slowly  but shoves it hard and deep, earning screeching scream coming from me.

"M-mer...cy... please..." it came out to me in a whisper.

That still wasn't enough to convince him.

"Giving up so soon... the night is still young.... and still haven't...CUM!" He said as he moved his hips hitting something inside me that made my body weird.

"AHH! W-wha.. what was...that..?" I asked myself in terror.

That spot that he hit just now made my body tingle and heat rises in my groin.

"I see... so its here...and look..." he said hands trailing down. "You're hard."

'No! This isn't-"

"Shhh.... I'll make you feel good..." he said cutting me off.

He made me bend down rising my hips more. I lowered my head in embarassment... I can't believe he's making me feel good... no... this... this isn't me!

I'm scared!

"Someone... help..."

He laugh at my weak state.

I just noticed that something was trailing down my legs... I though it was his', but it was coming from me. The room was too dark to tell... but I knew it wasn't coming from him.

He suddenly thrusred faster and...


I just want to die....

"Ahhhah ahhh!!! S-slow... dow- OW!"

I tried to escape by biting at his arm but that only agitated him further. With thrust I yelp in pain... when will this end?

As continues to violate me I saw my home...

The orphanage I grew to...

The woman who took care of me despite being not hers...

She was my mother... we used to call her Mama... every children calls her that. When I feeling scared she hums me a lulluby... after that I always felt safe...

I unconciously hum myself out of the situation I'm in...

When sir David hears me humming he stoped ramming  himself inside me and choose to listen...

With the very last strength... along with the last note... I fainted from exhaustion...

Luv u readers

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