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Pic above is Heath... Just imagine that he has a slightly golden hair, cause believe me I tried but finding the perfect character is hard as fudge!

Marcus manage to convince Heath to join his master for dinner. Heath's wearing a light long sleeve shirt, and a tight pants that complements his body throughly. He still can't believe that such beauty is possessed by a man.

A knock from the door made the two jolted from thier current position.

"C-come in." Marcus said stuttering.

The door went open revealing a cute 7 year old boy.

"Jamie what are doing here? Your mom will be looking for you." Marcus said to the curious boy who peaked his head from the door.

"I just want to see the rumoured beauty." He said on his cute voice.

Heath loves cute things and this boy was beyond cuteness.

He kneeled in front of the boy and gave him a huge smile.

"Hi Jamie my name is Heath, I'll be leaving with you for a while." He said as he keeps smiling at the boy who was gazing at him as if he is looking at an angel.

"That's great! You're so beautiful miss." He said also smiling.

Heath suddenly blush from the cute boy's statement.

'but I'm a boy' he said in his thought.

Heath made a fake laugh and said;

"Haha that's nice of you but I'm a boy... Like you Jamie."

Jamie looked at him for a while. He looked at Heath in disbelief and said;

"That's impossible... You're so beautiful and kind, there's no way you can be a boy!" He said astonished.

"But I am. And that is a fact." Heath said calmly.

"But then you won't get pregnant-"

"That's enough Jamie."

A stern voice appeared in no where making Jamie lower his head in fear.

"Go to your mother now." He said while looking at the terrified boy below him.

"Yes sir." Then he left without saying another word.

It was silent for a while. Heath was still processing what the boy just said;

'but then you won't get pregnant.'

'why would I get pregnant?' he asked in his thoughts.

"The master is waiting for you now." David simply said. "Please follow me. Oh and Marcus-"

He looked at Marcus and like before he was shaking , terrified like Jamie.

When his name was called he couldn't help but twiched and lower his head more.

"You are no longer needed for today, you are dismissed."

Marcus only nodded in reply and said no words even after Heath was already leaving the room.

Heath starts to wonder why everyone fears this man.

He could no longer contain himself so he asked finally saying;

"Uhmmm... Sir David."

They stop from their tracks and David looked at Heath still holding the same expression... Nothingness.

"Yes, what is it?"

This man was obviously full of authority. His words are like laws around this place. So when David paid attention towards him he somehow regretted asking him in the first place.

"Uh...well..." Well might as well ask him already. He said to himself.

"I'm just wondering... Why is Marcus scared whenever you are around?... Well not that I'm trying to mind other people's business, but if you two are fighting don't you think you should talk this out."

There was no answer...


The room was filled with laughter.

And what was more unbelievable was that it was coming from the great stone facial expressionless god, David!

Heath tilted his head in wonder.

Why is he laughing?

Is there something on my face?

"Uhmmm...." Heath interrupted.

The with one last boost of laughter David finally quited down.

"I'm sorry... I never laugh like this since 120 years ago."

"Well... That is good to hear." Heath said awkwardly.

"Now about what you said. No we are not fighting. And the reason why everyone feared me is that I'm the head butler. I'm next in command after my Master. And about me and Marcus..."

David put his index finger at center of his lips and said;

"It's a secret."

He said as he showed me smile- nope more like a smirk.... A deadly one.

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