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I'm sorry if I haven't properly edited this story and sorry if my focus right now is in this story instead in "the last omega". Reason is.... I've ran out of passion for now. Right now my inspiration is all about this story and if I force myself to write, it will end up horrible.... But no worries I hate bad ending so I'll end the two couples having a happy satisfying ending. Anyway enjoy😁 and for those who take their time in reading my story Thank You!


The moment I open my eyes the first thing that greeted me was the sun ray touching my cheeks. I woke up realizing that I'm not home, that my brother abondoned me, that the beast took me, and so and so forth. It has been tough for me to take all of this at the same time.

The betrayal.....

My chest hurt....

It's hard to breath...

I was in deep thoughts when suddenly someone knocked at the door.

I quickly wipe the tears that I never knew it was there...

When the door slowly open my heart was beating from anticipation and fear.

But when he come to image I saw a man....

The butler perhaps.

"Good morning miss, the master is waiting for you."


Oh right...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!

Why am I here?

I should be escaping!

He still doesn't know that I'm a man! And if he'll find out he's gonna.... He's gonna kill me!

"ss...miss.... Miss!" I snap from my thoughts and focus back to him.

"Ah...uhm... Sorry." I said lowering my head.

"Please follow me to the dinning room."

"D-dinning room?" I said shocked. Why their?

"Yes. The master wishes to eat with you since it's going to be your last meal."

"What! What do you mean by that?" I asked as I tremble in fear.

"Like other virgins that got presented from this castle... When they fail to bloom the rose, the master was disappointed and started to slay and send their bodies back to their family.... But before that they were given their last meal." He said throughly speaking as his face held no sign of pity for the victims whatsoeve.

"But that is if you failed... Which you will." He said confidently eyeing me.

I watched at him in disbelief.

"Wh-" then he cut me off. "Why? Its obvious already... You're not a woman."

"H-how..." I said dumbfounded.

"You seriously think this is the first time this happened. As far as I know master was more cruel to those who pretend, like you. I don't know what he did but I surely don't want to know.... I'm only saying this since it's the kindest thing I could only do right now.... I can't help you escape... We're part of this curse."

I sat there unable to reply.

What's going to happened to me?

Is this really my fate?

To die from the hands of a beast.

But what can I do but to access.

It's better this way.... Brother is happy together with his wife and thier soon to be child.

"Thank you." I said which shocked him.

"Thank you? You're about to die." He said slightly raising his voice.

"Thank you for your kind gesture... Will you please guide me to the dinning room now."

He shake his head in disbelief and just lead me to the dinning room.

On our way I suddenly ask him a question which I've been wondering by now;

" How did you now I was a he....uhm..."

"It's Marcus, Marcus the candle holder. Back before this curse it was my job to light the candles and replaced the melted ones new."


"So about your question. How? Will I don't know. At first I really thought you were a girl which never really happened before, but I could slightly tell that you were feeling awkward from your dress so that's when I started to wonder. And this morning you just confirmed it."

"Huh? Ha! You tricked me!" I said while pouting my lips which I do it unconsciously.

He just laugh as we continued walking.

A few minutes later another man was waiting at the door... A huge one to add with that!

"You're late." He said sternly while looking at his pocket watch.

"I do apologise time keeper." Said Marcus as he took a bow.

"Hmmp! Anyway the master is already waiting patiently for you. Go now to his aid." He said and then he opened the door.

I gulped from where I was standing as my heart begun to beat loudly.

This is it.

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