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Marcus's pov.

I know he told me to go back to his room. I was being a coward and choose to stay in my room, the servant quarters, and locked myself in there. A few minutes later there was a knock on my door. I jumped from the intrusion, but choose to ignore and maybe it will think that no one is inside.

"Open up Marcus I know your in there." His voice boomed inside the room and I panicked immediately.

Should I open the door?

"Leave me alone please." I begged hopefully he'll listen to my request.

It was silent for a few seconds, but with a stern voice he answered;


Tears started to roll down my cheeks and I started losing hope.

Is he going to rape me?

Again and again and again.... A never ending torture.

What did I ever do to you?

"I'll count to three... If your not opening I'm forcing my way in." He said.

I thought it was an empty threat...


I really did...


But as soon as he reached three the door went flying open and went all the way to the corner, shattered to pieces.

I started to ran. I head for the bathroom at least I could lock myself in...

What did I ever do wrong?


I was looking for a job when I turned eighteen to sustain myself. I was an orphan and was raised on an orphanage. They kicked me out when I was already old enough to get a job. They didn't wish to though, but it was a must.

Leaving the orphanage wasn't easy, but I didn't have a choice.

The first night alone I slept on benches and side walks...

I begged for money until I finally saved enough amount to buy a decent clothes for me to wear. I had a strong spirit... They always said that to me when I was a child. My siblings in the orphanage would always depend on me. I hope they're doing fine now that I'm gone.

I came across a poster.

Hiring servants in the palace

It says they offer free Lodge and Food!

It was perfect! This is what I just needed!

I took the poster and went to the palace by foot. Not a wise choice but then again... I didn't have a choice.

I finally at the entrance of the palace. As expected it was huge. It was big. It was glamorous.

A soldier asked me what was my reasons for being here. I gave him the poster and he gestured to follow him.

He took me inside asked to stay here and wait until someone will come and attend for me.

I looked around, but of course I didn't touch anything. Even if the table is full of delicious foods. Ahhh I'm drooling!

It won't hurt if I took one bread right... They won't notice.

But I stopped myself from doing so...

I mustn't steal... I came here for a job not for those foods.
I shake back my sanity and just stood still.

I'm inside a dirty kitchen. Well it doesn't looked dirty kitchen at all....

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