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As snow started to fall heavier from the sky, there sat Heath next to the window.

He always loved the snow.

He used to play at the snow with his brother when they were kids. It gradually stopped when his brother married and had a family of its own.

He remembers those times when he was still at his village giving warm blankets to those who only lived at the alley. He remembers those time when he could still laugh to his content as his brother's wife teases his husband.

Those happy memories where soon turn into a bitter memory. A memory that used to make him happy tends to be the reason of his loneliness.

As he let the tears slide on his cheeks little did he know that Gale watches from a close distance. He was about to enter but stopped when he saw Heath silently watched the snow peacefully.

He looked at him and told himself that it would be best to leave him alone for a while.

As he gaze on the fragile figure he couldn't help but compare Heath with the snow. Purest white like his soul and kindness as gentle as the snow when it touches your skin.

"Why him enchantress?" He mumbled into himself before silently leaving the room.


Feeling tired of just sitting around and doing nothing. The peaked outside looking if someone might be around.

No one.

He proceeded into walking the long corridor and finally saw stairs. One leading up and the other down. He went up and when he reached the end of the stairs he saw more doors.

He walked a few meters before finally stoped and opened the door in the middle.

When he opened it he somehow find it locked.

"Want to go inside?" A voice which he recognize imediately suddenly appeared out of no where.

When he turn around he came face to face with Gale.

He quickly took and step back and tried to ran, but was caught by the wrist.

"Stop... I won't hurt you. Not anymore." He said.

He stopped from pulling his wrist and decided to stay. Running away won't solve anything, it only makes things worse than it is he said to himself after that experience.

"Come I'll show you what is inside this room. I'm sure you'll love it."

Heath crease his brows together feeling confused, by which Gale find it cute.

As he unlocked the door it was so dark and he couldn't see anything from the inside.

"Close your eyes first." He said feeling excited by the surprise.

Heath of course was hesitant.

What if it's a trap? He said in his mind.

"Just trust me." He said.

Although he doesn't trust the beast he still closed his eyes after seeing his expression.

It almost look like he was begging.

He felt like his hands were grabbed by someone which he immediately took it away and tried to run again but imediately halted after he felt a squeeze of assurance in his hands.

"It's okay. I'm just gonna lead you so that you won't hurt yourself."

And so he closed his eyes and let himself leaded by the beast.

They stopped somewhere in the middle and Heath heard curtains open from his left then right.

"Okay... You can open your eyes." Gale said with obvious excitement on his voice.


Sorry if it's short. But this is for those who were begging for me to update.

Luv u readers 😘mwa

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