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It was that very first night of our acquaintanceship that he took me by force. It was terrifying. I didn't even know back then that copulation between men was possible. However he shared his knowledge with me and penetrated me aggressively.

With each pound and thrust my body moved in his rhythm as he smack full force hitting to the deepest part of me. In every thrust I begged him to stop but it only excites him more, thus made me squirm in my part. I clench the sheets, grasping its fabric as the pain never left my body. My breath was hectic. He told me to relax my to ease the pain, but mind wasn't functioning well. My body was hot... Aching hot. I wanted it to end.

Everything hurts...

He wasn't considerate of my condition. He didn't care if I was a virgin. He rams himself like there's no tommorow and the blood mixed with his secreted fluids kept on staining the sheets. How many times did I tried to escape in his aggressive thrusts, I lost count. I gave all my strength in pushing him back, removing myself from his tight and suffocating embraces but to no avail. I tried tightening my gaping muscles to prevent him from thrusting inside me, but I only hurt myself in the process.

I couldn't forget this day.

Never will.

That morning I was alone in the bed when I woke up,  and everything felt sore  and aching. I rose up from the bed  slowly, afraid that anytime my legs would give up. I took my support on the furnitures around the room  to move around. I stand in front of the mirror, head low, afraid of what I would see. Slowly I raise my head and as expected his misdeed was engraved within my body. Visible if I were to be naked. My arms shows a bluish finger prints, but it didn't stop there. My arms aren't the only once that's been bruised. My thigh, leg, neck.... I looked at the mirror and I couldn't stop my tears.

What has he done to me?

As I stood in front of the mirror I felt a dripping liquid between my thighs. I roam my hand to know what it was and to my horror it was blood. I sobbed uncontrollably that day.

I hurried to my room and took a long scrabbling bath. I clean myself thoroughly to the point that my skin begun to turn red. After finally feeling satisfied I quickly dressed and went to the kitchen where Misses Potts was. The day went on like any other day....

At least that's what I thought.

"What's been bothering you dear?" Mrs. Potts asked me out of nowhere. I was startled by her question that my body reflexively paused, confirming her doubts.

"N-nothing Ma'am." I said that I myself believe it didn't sound convincing at all.

I resume to my chores, tending to the garden pulling leaves.

"I know your lying. Come and sit beside me... I want to confirm my doubts." She said as she gracefully patted the other side of the bench.

I didn't protest and did as she bid.

I sat beside her head hanging low.

"My boy I know when there is something wrong the moment I saw you this morning. You used to be merry everyday, but now you seem....dreary." I kept myself in silence. I don't want to worry her. I should have listened to her,I shouldn't have made eye contact, I should have just hastily done my job... Then I wouldn't have to be raped by him.

I couldn't control my tears and it started flowing.

Mrs. Potts immediately noticed it. I gaze upon her expression and she was horrified. She knows...

"Oh you poor poor child..." She said shaking her head, hands covering her mouth in disbelief.

"What has he done to you?" From then on I couldn't answer and just cried on her shoulder. She whispered comforting words and rubbed my back to ease my breathing.

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