52 // Popcorn.

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Laylas Pov.

Stiles decided to walk me home im living with Kate.we arrive.

"This is me." i say smiling he laughs

"Wanna come in?" I ask

"Yeah." He says

"Good!" I smile and bring him in.

We sit down i bring a blanket and make popcorn and turn on the t.v we sit i curl up against him i look at him he stares at me he leans in. I lean in.

Stupid Popcorn!!

i blush and get the popcorn. We watch in silence. He glances at me.

Stiles Pov

I cant! i think im falling in love!

All Over Again. I check the time. 8:20 pm shit. I notice Laylas head is on my stomach. I smile. And carry her so she is in her room before i go she kisses my hand i blush and kiss her forhead she smiles eyes still closed. And i go home.

Laylas Pov

i put on my outfit and grab my bag

// A plain long sleeve black crop top a poka dot skater skirt woth black heels with a gold feather necklace. sunGlasses

My hair down //

"Hey kate!"

"Hey Lil!"

"Im leaving!"

"Love you!"



I walk into school and see the pack i walk to them

"Hey!"I say stiles smiles i smile back

"Hey LaLa!"lydia squeks i giggle until i feel something on my hand i look down...

stiles hand

hes trying to hold hands. i smile and grab it intertwing our fingers he blushes.

We head to class still holding hands he hasnt stopped smiling..

to admit it.

Niether Have I.

// her outfit on the side. //

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