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Stiles goes under water freezing entering once again the dark world he sees Lily running from a boy laughing? he catches her she starts laughing while he spins her . Her laughs echoing through stiles mind. After Lily sits with the boy

"Chris. Im sorry." she says

"Not your fault sis."

"well i miss you bro"she hugs him

"You dont belong here lil"

"yes i do. I mean i die every now and then"

"but your worth saving sis. "

She punches his arm and runs laughing

"Ima get ya! you lil runt haha!"

He catches her again until lily stops laughing she spots stiles and starts to cry running to him holding him. While he holds tight.

"What happened to you?"

"Nothing stiles. You need to Leave. Okay Go Leave!!!"

"no i love you!"

"Ill return. I love you more. One day!"

Stiles gets pulled back and he is back in reality.

"She wont come back" he crys.

"One day" lydia whispers and he crys on her shoulder not believing. His love. Now This Time. Is Truly Gone. He fought. Lydia whispered one more thing into his ear.

Fight For Your Right To Love.

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