chapter 3

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lily let out a ear piercing scream.....i knew exactly who it was...derek... her door was locked

"who the hell are you!!" she yelled. angry

"derek." i said what the hell

"you know him!?" she asked

"what do you want derek." i asked getting angry

"YOUR FALLING FOR A HUNTER AGAIN SCOTT DONT YOU SEE!!" he  yelled i am falling for her?

"what! she doesnt hunt!!" i yelled


" go. now." i said surprisingly he left  wow omg lily

"scott...whos allison?" she asked with tears in her eyes

" ex girlfriend she died fighting for us she...was a hunter" i said

"oh my...god scott im sorry sorry" she said and hugged me tight and wiped my tears i didnt notice

"not your fault" i said looking down she lifted my head up so i see her eyes

" doesnt have to be my fault to feel sorry" she whispered

we were looking at each other i leaned in so did she our lips touched  i felt a spark her lips tasted like strawberrys? and were soft she giggled so cute

"hehe scott your eyes are glowing." oh god that happens when im excited or angry or stuff not angry im excited

"oh ha." i said embarassed

we drifted off to sleep......

next day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~°°°°°°°°~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~°°°°°~~~~

lilys pov

i woke up to scott cough my head was on his chest we kissed it felt magical wow!

"morning scott"  he didnt budge....muhahahaha i have a plan

i got a bucket of water and splashed him

"ahhhh" he yelled

"wake up!!!!" i said smiling

"ahhhh no scott go away" hes chasing me in my room ahhh no

" i just want to hug a beautiful girl!" he said he catched me werewolf speed ugh

"ahahahaha sto-o-op" i said

after my shower>>>>>>>>>>

scotts picking me up i dressed in a dress cream color with my black heels grabbed my bag and a apple i ate in 10 min.  waiting for scott i decided to walk i would see him there i texted him school isnt far... im on the phone with joshua

Hey joshua

hey lil im walking to hell

same here hahaha

so tell me whazzuppp

hahahaha wazzzupppp

already told you

call me later

love you

love you more

end. of call

oh my god i started crying once i saw kira and scott making out he used me....why!!! i dropped my bag and ran my heels clicked so he noticed i almost fell but someone catched me.....jackson...

"uh hi." i said as i got up on my own

"how you doin from yesterday." he asked worried actually

"better" i said nicely

" why are you crying dont worry i broke up with lydia she cheated on me " he said sadly  i hugged him tight i saw scott i know he was listening


"im sorry jackson i just saw a guy i kinda liked makeout with another girl and he kissed me yesterday so.." i said kinda angry

" how bout this i get ppl to fill us in so teacher think were here we ditch do anything we want" he whispered

"i would like that" i smiled i didnt care about my bag it had a book thats it

scotts pov.........

i saw kira and told her about lily i smelled her scent coming i was gunna go but kira put me a makeout session then i heard tears and clicks she saw

"kira what the fuck!" i said pissed

"lily comes in your forget me so im dumping you!" she said in a tone

"i dont care!!" and ran off but i found her in the arms of jackson yeah he came back and dumped lydia again  so i listened to their convo

shes ditching school with jackson shit. nooo

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