chapter 16

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lilys pov

school started im walking in with scott hand in hand me and joshua remained best friends i notice angirl following joshua i ran to her and stopped her joshua behind me

"hey stop following my friend please." i said she looked down

"but i love him...please" she said tearily o hugged her

"whats your name " i asked

"angel...angel becker" she said i gave her joshuas number when he left she thanked me a pretty girl walked up to her

"hey im amanda hope my sister didnt bug you.."she said i saod not at all

"im lily..lily colens" i said they nodded

"see ya around."i said they waved i went to scott and kissedhim

"i. love. you. so. fucking. much."i whispered in his ear we walked to our lockers i got pushed against my locker i groaned my scars on my back iopen my eyes and saw....JACKSON

"JACKSON!!! get off" he pushed harder i yelped

"your a stupid bitch!okay you  choose..scott mccall a dog!" he said

"YOUR A DOG!!" i said he slapped me i couldnt do anything in school he dragged me to the locker room he took off his clothes i ran into the showers

"nice shower sex"he grinned

"more like rape asshole" i said he riped of my shirt i yelled he slapped me harder this time with claws i tried to crawl he dragged me he saw my scar

"i like the scar i want you to have another one...on your throat."he said i couldnt stand he cut my knee deeply i cried he cut my arm and face i tried to drag myself he sticked his claws deep in my scar i screamed it went black

scotts pov

i was talking to stiles about food what we love food

" way better man."

"scott shut up nope. BURGERS are.



"UHH OKAY uh how bout fries or chicken"



we argued until i heard lilys scream i ran and ran i saw jackson with his claws in her scars he was naked he was going to rape her...and i...i wasnt here to save.her

im sorry lily.

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