❝You drive me so crazy sometimes, Twombly, I swear to God─❞ ❝Admit it, Draven. You love it.❞ ⌲ stuart twombly × oc / the internship
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Teen Wolf Imagines by emiliaclarkesdragons
Teen Wolf Imaginesby on me hols! see y'all soon
Imagines dedicated to the TV Show, Teen Wolf. 🏅#5 in dylanobrien (August 2018) REQUESTS OPEN! Details inside I do not own any of the characters on the show but I do own...
  • obrien
  • tyler
  • stiles
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You're so Annoying ✔️ by _xXUnicornSlayerXx_
You're so Annoying ✔️by Mushroom
I continue throwing pebbles at his window, a grin on my face. He finally opens his window, glaring at me. "What do you want Matthews?" "I have a really...
  • dylanobrien
  • eyerolls
  • drama
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Stale Coffee | Dylan O'Brien by literally_fanfics
Stale Coffee | Dylan O'Brienby lidia
"You're very confident." "Yeah, and you're very attractive." • • • Getting stood up and listening to Taylor swift while drink...
  • dylan
  • stiles
  • fan
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Stiles Stilinski Imagines  by idrivemyparentscrazy
Stiles Stilinski Imagines by Hailey:)
Most are all of Stiles Stilinski but I did throw in a couple of surprises so please enjoy:) Authors Note: ~Requests Open:) ~NO SMUT. I'm am uncomfortable with reading i...
  • stilesstilinski
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⠀⠀dignity , mitch rapp.¹ ✓ by dvlob-
⠀⠀dignity , mitch rapp.¹ ✓by 𝐝𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐮𝐫.
she thought home was a place, but it was himself. [ #2 IN DYLAN O'BRIEN ] [ #1 IN MITCH RAPP ] ...
  • mitchrapp
  • realbook
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touch » stiles stilinski by purestilinskii
touch » stiles stilinskiby milena
touch 1. to cause or permit a part of the body, especially the hand or fingers, to come in contact with so as to feel. »»» all seasons. i do not own teen wolf all cr...
  • holland
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Renaissance-[2]-[Steve Harrington]-[Slow Updates] by rubycitrus
Renaissance-[2]-[Steve Harrington]...by Ruby
Lennon Hopper found herself in a period of renewal during the autumn of 1983. She was putting back the pieces of herself despite the people and events that may stand in...
  • harrington
  • strangerthings
  • hopper
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Years Later • Stiles Stilinski and Betty Cooper [EDITING] by teamcooper
Years Later • Stiles Stilinski and...by blorke trash
Betty and Stiles were the most inseparable pair of friends in the 7th grade. She stuck through everything he went through including the death of his mother. Stiles began...
  • mystery
  • crossover
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Powerful [TOM HOLLAND 2] by grounderprincess
Powerful [TOM HOLLAND 2]by problematic !
POWERFUL [BOOK 2 OF THE KATY CROSS SERIES] . . . The story of two people who fall in love all over again despite never falling out. TOM HOLLAND : SOCIAL MEDIA BOOK 1:...
  • dylanobrien
  • scarlettjohansson
  • lauraharrier
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the other mikaelson 🌙 slow updates by dylano-briens
the other mikaelson 🌙 slow updatesby kœl
in which stiles isn't a weak assed human after all. #187 in #crossover - 051218 #207 in #teenwolf 🌙 #8 in #stilesstilinski - 080418
  • theoriginals
  • teen
  • stilesstilinski
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Waffle Cones (#1) by evethespy
Waffle Cones (#1)by уιℓєι
"Hello?" "Um, hey?" "Wait, you don't sound like my Aunt Kathy." "Unless I was miraculously converted into a member of the opposi...
  • friend
  • teen
  • relationship
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Daughter Of The Glade (A TMR Fanfiction) by ImNotMaddie__
Daughter Of The Glade (A TMR Fanfi...by mads♥
"She's so young... are you sure she will be able to handle this much trauma?" "Believe me, Chancellor Paige, she's stronger in ways you'll never know.&quo...
  • newt
  • tmr
  • deathcure
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Stiles Stilinski Imagines by Cass-TheAuthor
Stiles Stilinski Imaginesby cassandra
requests are closed
  • fanfiction
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Dylan O'Daddy ➸ imagines by -silverlights
Dylan O'Daddy ➸ imaginesby — emma
⇻❝I'm not adorable, I'm an awkward turtle! ❞ || Imagines about the beautiful and talented & hot actor that stole our hearts, Dylan O'Brien. Dylan loves you!
  • theinternship
  • mitchrapp
  • mazerunner
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dylan o'brien imagines  by -hollandrodens
dylan o'brien imagines by 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚𝐡.
imagines about dylan o'brien & his characters :)
  • romance
  • imagines
  • highroad
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QUIT ☆彡 THEO RAEKEN by raekensnewt
❛ i can't quit you, theo raeken. ❜ ━━━ theo raeken x oc teen wolf / season 5 & 6 ...
  • wattpride
  • theoraeken
  • lydiamartin
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Tom Holland Imagines by delusionhal
Tom Holland Imaginesby - m
"When I'm acting it's like I am the character- no one can talk to me. But I'm not so method I'd sell my house and live on the street to play a tramp." - Thomas...
  • spiderman
  • dylan
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The Code of The Alpha by MaybeManhattan
The Code of The Alphaby MaybeManhattan
COMPLETED - When Caroline Blair meets her mate, she realizes he's Alpha Luca Ronan; the most feared and influential werewolf of them all. With his unpredictable temperam...
  • seanopry
  • romance
  • dylanobrien
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Dylan O'Brien Imagines  by antitomatogurl
Dylan O'Brien Imagines by Potato ._.
Imagines about Dylan O'Brien and all the characters he plays (excluding Caleb Holloway though). I DO NOT WRITE ANYMORE.
  • scottmccall
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