You're so Annoying ✔️ by _xXUnicornSlayerXx_
You're so Annoying ✔️by Mushroom
I continue throwing pebbles at his window, a grin on my face. He finally opens his window, glaring at me. "What do you want Matthews?" "I have a really...
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Daughter Of The Glade (A TMR Fanfiction) by ImNotMaddie__
Daughter Of The Glade (A TMR Fanfi...by mads♥
"She's so young... are you sure she will be able to handle this much trauma?" "Believe me, Chancellor Paige, she's stronger in ways you'll never know.&quo...
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The Maze Runner -- imagines, one-shots, etc. by tbdangster
The Maze Runner -- imagines, one-s...by Emma
I will take any suggestions for plot, character choice, location, type (smut or fluff), etc. Just leave a comment and let me know what you guys want!
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⠀⠀dignity , mitch rapp.¹ ✓ by devilishrapp
⠀⠀dignity , mitch rapp.¹ ✓by 𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐲 𝐝𝐞𝐞
she thought home was a place, but it was himself. [ #2 IN DYLAN O'BRIEN ] [ #1 IN MITCH RAPP ] ...
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dylan o'brien imagines  by -hollandrodens
dylan o'brien imagines by 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚𝐡.
imagines about dylan o'brien & his characters :)
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Powerful [TOM HOLLAND 2] by grounderprincess
Powerful [TOM HOLLAND 2]by problematic !
POWERFUL [BOOK 2 OF THE KATY CROSS SERIES] . . . The story of two people who fall in love all over again despite never falling out. TOM HOLLAND : SOCIAL MEDIA BOOK 1:...
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Dylan O'Brien smut/imagines• requests are open• by downbeatDylan
Dylan O'Brien smut/imagines• reque...by Dylan O’Daddy ❤️❤️
A bunch of smut/ imagines of the sexy beast called Dylan O'Brien... this consists of- Dylan, stiles,Thomas,Dave, Stuart and Mitch Rapp. Requests are open! Hope yous like...
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DADDIES | pt. 1 by lamenatalia
DADDIES | pt. 1by natalia
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The Jerk Calls Me Princess by michelle_fjx
The Jerk Calls Me Princessby Tasha
❝ We don't devote enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.❞ Natalia Anderson is not like most girls. She prefers fictional boys over the real ones. Her...
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When we were young | Derek Hale Book 1 by OthHoechlin
When we were young | Derek Hale Bo...by EBONY
In which Derek Hales whole world gets turned upside down by just one girl. book one / prequel in the Emilia series Edited ✔️ ( This book is based on Der...
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Broken Pieces | Derek Hale Book 2 by OthHoechlin
Broken Pieces | Derek Hale Book 2by EBONY
In which two broken hearted werewolves find their way back to each other, after six years Emilia and Derek are back where it started. Only this time everything is differ...
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Dylan O'Brien Imagines (Book 2) by tincandallas822
Dylan O'Brien Imagines (Book 2)by Sarah Heath
These are imagines with characters that Dylan O'Brien has played. Such as, Stuart Twombly, Stiles Stilinski, Dave Hodgman, Thomas, AND HIMSELF. I'm gonna warn you that...
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Spend some time with Stiles in a collection of imagines. • requests are OPEN •
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Teen Wolf Imagines by lovelyobrienn
Teen Wolf Imaginesby lovelyobrienn
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Sleeping With A Serial Killer by cookieStiles
Sleeping With A Serial Killerby Mrs. Gee Fucking Way
| P S Y C H O - T H R I L L E R | "People come and go, Some will stay but will eventually leave. But there are people who will come in your life, will stay, will ho...
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disconnected ➸ c. christian [1] by mtvscreams
disconnected ➸ c. christian [1]by H a n n a h ♕
"I'll admit I'm a bit of a fool For playing by the rules But I've found my sweet escape When I'm alone with you." - In which two cast members who have b...
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From Ashes ✗ Stiles Stilinski [Book One] by anarchxst
From Ashes ✗ Stiles Stilinski [Boo...by A. J. Newton
VAM·PIRE SLAY·ER ˈvamˌpī(ə)r slāər noun → a young woman bestowed with powers that originate from the essence of a pure demon, which gives her superhuman senses, streng...
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Dylan O'Brien imagines by dylanpoptart
Dylan O'Brien imaginesby o’brien dylan
//Requests Closed// *SMUT INCLUDED* Imagines about Dylan O'Brien and a few of his characters he plays including... - Stiles -Thomas -Dave -Mitch -Stuart Let your imag...
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Waffle Cones (#1) by evethespy
Waffle Cones (#1)by уιℓєι
"Hello?" "Um, hey?" "Wait, you don't sound like my Aunt Kathy." "Unless I was miraculously converted into a member of the opposi...
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❣︎GIF AND IMAGINE❣︎ ❰Dylan O'Brien❱ by Mitch_AA
❣︎GIF AND IMAGINE❣︎ ❰Dylan O'Brien❱by DØB
➟ ➟ ➟ ➟ ➟ ➟ ➟ ➟ ➟ ➟ "A Tall, Cute Nerd Who Just Loves Star Wars And More" -Stiles Stilinski "A Fantastic Man With A Big Heart Who Is Has An Acting Career...
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