51 // Layla Johnson

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Layla's Pov

Hey im Layla Johnson. Im 18. Well actually Im Lily Colens.i got my chance im human.

"Excuse me sweetheart where you from the slums?" Lydia says pointing to my outfit which i like

// a black spagetti strapped shirt with rips on the bottom and ripped jeans with converse my long hair down //

i walk away.


"Class this is your new student Layla Johnson. Make her feel welcome" he leaves i see Scott. And Stiles. Allison. Scott looks normal so does Allison.

But stiles is like eye humping me

I-is that drool!?

Well it has been a year.

//Can we please say They were sophmores back then! They are now juniors!//

I sit next to stiles and class begins.


"Hey Layla Sorry About Earlier."Lydia says

"Its cool" i say she smiles and drags me to lunch and slams me down on a chair with stiles and scott

"Hey scott hey stiles" i say they look at me weird my eyes go wide. Crap

"Who are you?"

Um Shit

"Im...uh haha i am well...you like-"

"a friend of your mom." I say nodding scott nods

"Oh yeah"

"Layla Where You From."



Stiles Pov

Layla Reminds Me Of Lily. I Havent Gotten Over Her. But Somoethings Diffrent With Layla. She Smiles At Me. I Smile Back. I Hear A Picture Snap . I Look At Lydia.

"Thr first time you smiled...since...Lily."

Layla Frowns

"Whatever."i say packing my stuff and walk away i look back Layla is running after me her hair bouncing each hop she does.

"Stiles! i dont know who..Lily..is but she would want you tk smile. Wherever she is. Smile. Laugh. Be Happy. Its what she wants.." i look at Layla she smiles i hug her and sob on her shoulder

Laylas Pov

I started to cry. I dont want stiles like this. I Love Him.

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