chapter 17

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lilys pov.

i opened my eyes i was in a familiar room...stiles room...then memorys flooded back of jackson how i loved him...i screamed


stiles pov

i ran in lily was kicking and slappingscreaming it tears me apart seeing her like that i hugged her she was still screaming but calmng down

a/n when stiles was a nogitsune he woke up screming same thing for lily

after she did she sat up

"what happened lily.." i asked holding her hand she sighed

"i um after scott left me at my locker jackson pushed me against it and my scars..."wait what scar

"what scars.."i said furrowing my brows

"i was hunting and....a beta clawed me.."she said taking off her shirt and turned around three huge claw marks on her back  i traced them after a minute or two she put her shirt on anyway she continud

"it hurt he slapped me and dragged me to the locker room i ran in the shower she clawed my arm leg and face then i tried to drag myself he stuck his claws in my back he...he was going to rape me..."she said in tears i hugged her

"im so sorry..lily sorry.."I said she was going back to sleep it is 8:39pm so its early but she doesnt need beauty sleep i got up and started walking she grabed my arm

"pleaze...please..dont leave me...alone.."she said i nodded and took off my shoes got in we slept



i started moving i cant sleep unless im in the middle...but lilys there i started moving she groaned

"what."she said

"i cant sleep unless im in the middle."i said moving a little

"not anymore"she said turning i started moving more ugghhh

"im gunna kill you."she said

"i know i just cant sleep." i said she sighed

"then we spoon"she said

"i can- i can spoon...i can ..spoon"i said getting comfy we spooned shit my arm fell asleep....i started moving she growled and turned

"just come here.."she said now i was the little spoon.

"i like this...this is nice.."i said smiling

"mhm"she said

we drifted off to sleep....

next day

lilys pov

im so tired stiles kept moving yesterday my parents are moving im a senior i dont want to move she agreed so im sneaking in stiles room everynight i would stay with scott..but...we would have sex on a daily basis i evenhave half his closet kates staying at my place i told her to pay rent she does 1000 a month

i changed into leggings and a crop top with converse

"stiles.... get up."i said moving him he got up and showered i was looking in his room i saw a letter

lydia i love you more than anyone i loved you i always will i have since 3rd grade i havent loved anyone but you..i love you lydia martin

i teared up me and stiles dated for five months he...never loved me he got i looked at him with tears down my face still more to come he came to me..

"stiles..."i said weakly.

"yea."he said

"did you ever love me."i said

"yes of course i do..."he said wait do

"then whats this.."i said showing him

"i rememeber that i was gunna give it to her two years ago."he said






i invited everyone to hang out today i mean scott kira liam malia lydia angel amanda joshua

"lets play triple dog."i said i explained everything

"joshua choose who to dare you."i said

"you."he said to me i smiled looked at angel and winked she blushed

"i triple dog dare you to makeout with angel."i said everyone laughed angel looked down joshua wasnt gunna do jt i took out the razor he jumped up and took angel to a closet

i laughed

"your turn" stiles said i chose amanda to dare me

"i dare you to go down on stiles."she said i looked at scott he nodded i nodded i grabed stiles and pulled him somewhere else

"you do know what go down means."i said

"no."he said

"for us it"i said he looked up i got a text

scotty:look im havinv mixed emotions wit you an kira we should see other people

anger boiled through me i grabbed stiles arms brung him to his room amd angel and joshya just go out

i kissed stiles i missed his lips so much he stuck his tounge in i love it he took off my shirt i took off his he pulled of my leggings were on the bed he is in his boxers mmm he took off my bra and underwear i took off his pants and you know the deal

after 1 hour

stiles pov

im not a virgin...oh god...she was amaxing she kissed me..

"lily..i love you."

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