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Lilys Pov

i watch as stiles gets slammed against the wall he groans derek has his claws out

i roar and throw derek across the room stiles looks at me and grabs my hand not caring

i have my powers back

"what the hell is wrong with you! MY FAMILY IS..DEAD!?"derek screams with tears

i hug him he sobs on my shoulder until my bra unclicks

stiles realizes because he takes me and french kisses me buckling my bra again

i smile

We go upstairs until stiles goes to call scott

I see kate in the bathroom

"KATE!!!"i squel she laughs we hug and turn to derek he steps back

"What you need"i ask smiling

"Triskelen"she says I nod

"Here sis"i say and poof it in my hand she smiles and kisses my temple

"Thanks sis"she says dragging me and derek


Were at schooluntil me and derek hear a loud roar ...

Scott we bothrun and see two beserkers one claws my leg

i shift into a beserker too but power of ten!

i break the left ones skull while derek struggles

i break the other one.

And help out scott first then kira and just left malia

i really hate her. 

Derek turns around and glows...

yellow eyes...

i roar

"How?" Scott asks me

I take my claws out and glow my eyes

"I Got My Powers Back."

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