chapter 20

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so this chapter is 3x23 but my way lydia and lily became best friends

lilys pov

its 9 sharp im waiting nobodys with me...

"hello lily" he said

"you now what"i said

"to kill you your too fast and strong."he yelled

"will they be safe...all of them."i said looking down

"yes we will leave them alone except for.kate."he said i sighed

"ill gladly do it myself"i said he raised his eyebrows at me i raised mine i put my bow down and grabbed an arrow..i put it right in my belly button okay theyll be safe with out you.. then he comes towards me i shoot him i shoot his friends  scott lydia kira derek run in no! they fighting the oni and the master fighting to i see see kira killed one another goes towards lydia

"LYDIA!" I YELLED AND PUSHED HER OUT OF THE WAY i look at my stomach peter leaves i almost fall stiles catches me

"LILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"lydia screams and crys on derek

"i-s lydia okay is she safe"i manage

"im fine im right here im here thank you please dont go your my new best friend i lost my sister i camt lose you."she said

"its okay...its worth it..."i said breatheing heavy i feel it im going to die i need to say it..

"LILY PLEASESTAY I NEED YOU OKAY I LOVE YOU PLEASE"stiles yelled i feel blood dripping down my mouth

"i love you..but i needed you to run...i love you stiles okay? i...."i said feelin heavy scott runs to me

"LILY!! I LOST ALLISON THIS WAY PLEASE NOT AGAIN."he yelled i started to close my eyes

"lily wait"derek says i open as much as i can i cant breathe

"im sorry your the best sister."he said i smiled

"bye lily."kira said i held my hand with all my force and stick up my middle finger she slaps me oh my god im dying she slaps me i reach my tazer and taze her

"ha bitch"i choke out stiles chuckles i close my eyes and i hear stiles say her last words were ha bitch 

"i love you stiles stilinksi." i say i feel  his smile i felt a sharp pain in my arm i scream and close my eyes  i dont get....i hear everyword and i dont feel that sick like before

scott.....shes a bit her...

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