chapter 14

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lilys pov

"hahahaa hellloooo scotty" i said laughing i fell he caught me i laughed

"hello lily...some on said i turned aroundi screamed an jumped in his arms


'im here lily im here..."he said i holded his hand

"scott *hiccup* get out" i said

scotts pov

im jealous of joshua he has brown hair brown eyeskinda tall he kissed her cheek i left....i have to save her

stiles pov

malia asked me r u mad i killed ur mom i dumped her you dont say that!!! god she is so so ignorant i saw lydia grinding on a dude..anger she saw me and kissed my cheek

"WELCOME!" sheyelled

2 dayslater

lilys pov

me and joshua are hunting im 18 now yas we saw 4 red eyes i grabbed joshuas hand and ran

"RUN JOSH RUN!"i yelled

"NOT WITHOUT YOU!!" he said i shoved him and shot one in the chest another ran at me i tazed it i stabbed the last one on the stomach i look who they are..i notice two.....scott and derek....and? peter..

"i told you!" i said walking away leaving them for dead i tazed scott shot derek and stabbed peter

i saw kate she.laughed

"amazing!" she said i bowed and laughed  she saw josh

"im single i mean kate..."she said i laughed josh blushed im going to a party tommorow my friend heather. 17th


i had shorts and a crop top says i love you so muchi had vans on me and joshua were knocking heather opened we both screamed and hugged each other

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"i yelled she saw josh and huggedhim we went to talk withlisa and i hugged her shes so funny

"im havin sex tonight guy"she said i spit my beer

"with who"i said stiles  walked in he stared at me we stared at  each other i feel droplets of water on me i notice heather kissing him i  wipe my tears joshua notices it and looksat me

"hes not worth your tears know why" he said

"your perfect andi love you."he said i looked up he gently kissed me it went on for a while i guess

stiles o


i walked in i saw lily she started to tesr up i notice heather talking to me shes talkibg to her friend he kisses her and she kisses

i walkto her heather went to pick up wine

a/n i know funny part there trust me its worth it

"lily?"i said she looked at me and cryed

"i* cry* i  loved you * sob*" she said running outside to the pool i looked out she wqs fighting someone....scott?? i listem so does joshua

"i love you lily im sorry okay please forgive me." scott said hugging her

"i cant kate im hunting scott i cant be woth you your..a werewolf i cant okay.. she would kill me" she said

"please?" he said leaning in i cleared my throat they looked at me and joshua came out too

"choose lily! me or joshua or scott.."

lilys  pov

"i choose...."

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