chapter 42

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Lily Pov

I sigh and sit down because i know...i have to explain

"How!"the normal derek is back i feel a rush of darkness and coldness run through me

"Argh"i groan it goes black

Stiles Pov

lily gets up her eyes completely black her hair is on fire! well its floating up with fire around it everyone back up lily stands up and leaves

Lilys Pov

I killed three people i cry and cry stiles comes in my view And i saw those people scream for their life as i tore them to shreds....

Im a killer...

Stiles Pov

"stiles i saw okay!!!"lily yells at me


"WHAT AM I!!!"she yells with tears running down her face

"Your My Life."i whisper not noticing her jumping on me causing me to lean on my jeep

"I love you stiles stilinski"

I smile and got cut off by a man

Scratch that a beserker

i let tears stream down my face when i see what hes holding..

Lilys Pov

I scream and fall no no no!!!

Malias Head....

The beserker comes at me it kicks my which knock the breathe out of me.

The last thing i saw was stiles on the ground

"Stiles"i say before it goes black.

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