chapter 18

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lilys pov

"i..stiles i love will always be scott.." i said

"i saw the text he texted dumbed you for what? to be with some asian fox ?" he said he smiled like an evil one and stepped closer i hit the wall i winced he didnt care

"now lily i love you."he said i slapped his face i lets his words sink in it was true time to mercy.

"stiles wanna help hunt feeling powerful and fearless.."i said walking around him he nodded i smiled an kissed him what we had sex...

we walked down stairs i brung out my gear everyone left i showed stiles my knife

"now just aim okay? have to be real quick."i said he threw it landed almost at scotts head it landing in his mouth i didnt mind

"i suck.."he said i walked behind him and held his hand and flung it

"BULLSEYES!" i said he jumped he did it again and again i knew he was pro just needed to focus we went outside after cleaning i gave him my cross bow i have my regualr one

i spray painted a red dot on a tree and shot it right in the middle he tried away by like 1 inch he tried i notice another no 2 more red dots ALPHA! SHIT I GRABBED AN ARROW

"STILES RUN!!! INSIDE GO RUN LOCK THE DOOR GO NOW RUN!" i yelled he trew a knife it was too quick i pulled out my gun and shot its shoulder its still moved i shot its leg and knee cap then it fell i notice stiles still there i went there i lifted its head a girl....dead. she was disgusting.there must be millions of these alphas here... i walked to stiles


"SO COULDVE YOU I CANT LOSE YOU!"he yelled i softend i kissed is lips gently

"its okay when i say"I said

"you did good though just be faster"i said get my arrows and knife stiles threw

"yea and you were sexy."he winked i punched him i saw his back right there watching us i hid my gun and arrows and knifes well whatever i got a permit

"wow..lily we could use you on the force.."he said i jumped up



im at the sheriffs station practicing everyone impressed what i can do..

"welcome to the force" parris said handed me a uniform i am 18 so yea i got a call from scott




i wide eyed

"sheriff..*he looks at me* stiles was taken."i said he went crazy so did i i grabbed my gun and stood on a desk

"TONIGHT WE LOOK FOR STILES STILINKSI TONIGHT WE SHOW NO MERCY!!!" I yelled we got in car a police car TURNUP i drove to stiles saw black paint on the wall said

give us lily or we kill him.

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