chapter 11

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stiles pov

i woke up to lily shes so beautiful the reason my mom died was because malia i hate her i hate her lily woke up finally friday she got up and


"hello!" she said i kissed her

"i gotta go baby ill be back in about 45?"i said

"okay!" she kissed me and i left

lilys pov

i showered brushed i put on blue jeans and stiles sweater i put on converse andstiles came i got in the jeep

"stiles?" i sais


"i wanted to thank you for being there at the pool when i drowned when you made me the the second i got her for being a great boyfriend i just want to say thank you."i said he smiled and kissed my hand we got to school and spent all day together.

*1 month



me and stiles have been together for 3 months now!!! me and jackson scott are close friends now yay schools over summer time i ran into stiles arms he spun me i kissed him i love hin so much we havent said it tho and we havent had sex yet. whatever kira is with scott, liam with malia , me with stiles , jackson and lydia

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