Chapter 27

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lilys pov

Kate.walked towards everyone stepped in front of me i stopped them

"you are all pathetic." I said walking towards peter i sighed and out out my hand..he shaked it

"Welcome to The Pack Lily Colens"he said kate smiled i looked back i nodded i walked to stiles and kissed him i wiped his tear

"Its for the best."i said and walked to peter i thought about him in pain the.oni appeared i smiled kate back up everyone did i cracked my neck one ran towards me i pushed his arm he flew through the window  another one i thiught about them all dieing nothing...i put out my hand at him he died they all did

"Hm..nice."katesaid i looked at stiles and winked and we jumped out the window.

Stiles  Pov.

Scotts crying allison is too.....

"You said you loved her...."allison  said

"Im sorry when i saw lily was alive i fell in love.." he ssid

"Scott shut the fuck up be with allison she might die again youll regret it lily is mine i dont care  about your wolf powers. Ill kick your ass." I said

he pushed me against the wall i punched him he slapped me i fell he picked me up i used emilys trick and did her swift jump i kicked his CHEST and jumped i punched him alot he allison got me off i spit on him

AT Stiles House

Malia is here she wont leave!

"malia please leave."i said she laying in my bed in lilys spot

"No im good."she said getting under the covers.

"malia get the FUCK OUT!"i yelled she was wide eyed and left i sighed and fell on bed i just thought about lily..

Lydias Pov

"jackson why did lily cry when she saw you..." i asked i was so curious lily was so sad when she said those words but allison was my sister and im not gunna lose her...

"Because why do you care."he asked i sighed next thing i know im on the floor holding my cheek...

"DONT GIVE ME ATTITUDE GOT IT!!"he yelled i nodded and cried he kicked me and left me...groaning in a hallway i see stiles looking at me i stood up and ran in his armsthe lily ran out tears in her eye a man following her me and stiles watched

"LEAVE HIN ALONE"she yelled there the guy stood he triedto punch her she sucked his energy wee looked 2 alphas heading towards her she put her hands to stop them it did she threw them out the door she sighed

"Lily listen its the deal!" Stranger said

"I love stiles you have to leave alone! I BECAME PART OF THE PACK AND IF YOU DONT ILL KILL YOU.ILL KILL YOU ALL!"she said 3 more guys made she jumped and stomped her fist clenched each one of them to the ground she let out a shaky breathe and looked in his pockets there was a gold locket she cryed more

"Ill save you stiles if its the last thing i do." She said walking taking the locket and walked out the door

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