Chapter 36

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Lilys Pov

I walked into deatons

dragged by Scott

"Hello Lily, Scott, Lydia " deaton said I smiled weakly


After I went back to school and sat in the back looking around

I felt a tap on my shoulder I turn around


"Hey I missed you are you okay?" He asks I nod

I'm not okay at all

I'm terrible

I'm horrified

There's a evil spirit haunting me so like yea also my best friends hate me

So yes

I'm okay

I'm great

"Lil I know when you lie"he says I sigh

"I said. I'm Fine."I say with gritted teeth

I really am tired I haven't slept well in days

1. A fucking spirit haunting me

2.i haven't slept with stiles

3.too much drama

I look down and miss those days where I worried about what to wear..

Now I'm worried about getting possessed

Man I miss those days...

"Lily you okay?"

I drift off


"Hello. lily." void says I whimper

And bite my bottom lip

"Everyone has it nobody can lose it" he says

"I dont know...."i whisper he walks closer

i walk backwards.

"Everyone has it nobody can lose it"

"I-i dont know."i whimper now he is in my face

"EVERYONE HAS IT NO-ONE CAN LOSE IT!"he yells in my face

"I DONT KNOW"i scream

I see stiles cut in half



"NOOO!!"i scream

I see stiles i hug him tightly

"I Cant Lose You."i whisper

"Never."he whispers back and kisses my head

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