chapter 46

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Lilys Pov

Not again. im in a dark room strapped to a chair...with chains. Really what the hell! Im not supernatural..well. im a vampire. But still ugh..i struggle with these chains i scream im wrapped around vervain. i need my cure... you need to kill a salvatore brother. Ill kill him alright... WAIT.



"Hahahaha hello. Lily"


"how are ya"

"Just chillin"

i break and arm free i touch and rip off the other one i smirk he looked confused ibstand up he gasp i rip his heart out litterally.


I FALL as the vampire vemon leaves my system and i throw up blood i drank.

Someone runs to My side

"Lily im here baby im here i have my memory back..."


He laughs and nods i need gum he takes some out i chew alot . After he kisses me i smile and kiss back

"I love you lily"

"i love you more."

"Lets go."


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