chapter 7

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lilys pov

i couldnt take it anymore when i saw jackson and scott and somehlkid i threw knifes in their chest and calledmy mom

m: honey hey

l: heymom school now bring your truck

m:uhwhat okay on my way


"lets go ill explain in the car" i said

after we got the car with the three boys liam woke up i punched him he just fell back but still awake so i twisted the knife he fell back and passed out

"okay so jackson cheated on me and so did scott and this kid i dont know but their all werewolves i can tell i got tired of crying and being afraid i dont want to be afraid" i said she smiled

"your father trained you well i told him about our convo today hes at home today.....we train." she said we got home and took the boys our celler so i hooked wires to them and now im going to get answers and my parent watch behind me i woke them up

"hey assholes wake the hell up" i said punched scott and jackson and kinda shook liam i dont know ill be easier on him

"wha lily what are you doing?!" jackson yelled so did scott

"shut up both of you or....i turn the dial got it so one of you speak you hurt another" i said i started to tear up but i sucked it up

"so scott why did you hurt me" i asked as i walked towards him me parent high fived each other

"im sorry" he said

"now that doesnt say why does it scott now who to turn on jackson orrr liam eh how bout jackson you fucking asshole liam im being alitle soft on you cuz i dont know you" i turned the dial on 5 he screamed i laughed

"okay stop please i didnt i smelled your scent and i was going to go to you but kira pulled back okay?!" i softend and stopped and i released scott i told my parents to go i hugged him tight and he hugged back

"im sorry too i guess you guys hurt me so much i lost control i tru-" i was cut off by scott crashing his lips onto mine i wrapped my arms around his neck while his squezed my ass mmmm

i released all of them.

scott and me held hands and smiled until jackson came in front of us and said

"so are we still together?" i slapped him across the face again

"no." i said

me and scott held hand and hand we made it to school until lunch i sat by stiles kira scott

"so are you and scott like a item " she said i can tell she was angry so.... i grabbed scott by the neck pulled him to me and smiled and kissed him he pressed his tounge on my lops i gladly granted

"ahem how about you eat your lunch instead.of each other??" stiles said

"*scoff* slut up!" kira said

"excuse me?"i said still sitting while she was about to punch me i grabbed her fist in time and crushed it she yelped in pain i got close to her face and said

"bitch." scott and stiles laughed as liam came

"hey lily"he said

"hi liam "i said smiling  we had to go to class so we did after school i went outside to meet scott i ran up and kissed him im so happy happier without jackson he didnt fight for me scott did

"sooo lets have a sleepover!!!!!" i said he laughed and nodded he gave me a helmet and i hopped on the bike behind him and we went to my place my parents were staying hunting for 2 days soo free food!!!!

we went inside and i raced him upstairs we cuddled and watched moviestil 7:45 until..

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