chapter 4

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lilys pov

oh my god he is crazy!! hahaha im on jacksons back and he is running so fast!!!

"ahhh jacksonnn" i said screaming

"hahahahaa woahhhh" he said pretending to fall

"the woods are so beautiful" i said admiring the beauty

"yea." he said observing too and he suddenly grabbed my hand and we started talking about anything

"so whos the lucky guy?" he asked out of the blue

"what do you mean?" i asked looking where.i walked stilling holding his hand

"who got to kiss you" he asked lucky guy?? well if scott thinks he can do that so can i! i grabbed his face and kissed him roughly

" i guess im the lucky guy" he said happily  i giggled

"god your so cute" he said kissing my cheek i blushed we spent the rest of the day talking about everything best day ever

"do you need a ride home?" he asked still holding hands

"sure ill be right back" i said and kissed his cheek

"ouch!!!" i bumped into someones chest and fell on my butt

"lily?" he said..

"scott?" i said nervous

"im sorr-" i slapped him across the face

"go away!" i said upset and grabbed my bag and ran to jackson

"babe why are you crying" he said angry sad worried mixed

"lily im sorry" scott said

"scott!! the reason you were upset set was because of scott!" he said pointing to scott

"go away. now." i said through gritted teeth

"lily please!!"he said pleading

"bye scott" i said calmly

"lets go babe" jackson said glaring at scott oh i forgot me and jackson are a couple idk he gets me

"Babe!?? your dating jackson" he asked angry

i ignored and got in his porche and we drove off and we got to my house mom and dad are home? strange

"babe wanna come in meet my parents " i said

"sure" he said smiling

jacksons pov

were parking my car i finally got a nice cute funny  girl lydia was a bitch. we walked inside both parents sitting with stern look and were holding hands and at the same time they said....

"lily we need to talk"

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