chapter 37

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Lilys Pov

"Im sorry i just it was a one time thing!!"Derek yells my tears roll down i nod and walk out i groan i see the woods i run and fall

"AERGGRGGHHH"i scream at the top of my lungs all the sudden i see paws and a tail...

oh my god...

i run to dereks i see alot of people stiles heather scott allison and isaac

"What the fuck is that doing here."heather says pointing to me i growl stiles laughs and pets me i rub myself against him he laughs i lick his face he smiles and kisses my nose which causes me to sneeze

"Its cute "scott says petting me i almost bite him.

I growl towards them and run to stiles and sit in between his legs he pets me again

"Its a bitch."heather says i bark at her she flinches stiles laughs i lick his again i run to the door and look back

"Aweeee buh bye cutie!"stiles yells i see myself nude and i see my hands and feet im on all fours i get up

"What the hell"i look at heather and run to her and grab her hair and slam her head on the floor

"So you licked my face..."stiles says i nod i look at allison and scott

"Sorry by the way" scott looks away allison nods

"How did that happen"isaac asks

"Uh i just .."i stutter and look at derek

I think what happened










I scream and see paws i look at stiles he pats his lap i jump on it and get comfy allison laughs isaac leaves. So does scott but before they do

"I LOVE SCOTT"he yells

"I LOVE ISAAC"scott yells and they make out i see my fingers i gasp at them i laugh i look

Im naked

On stiles

"Haha i remember when you were naked on me or should i say in m-"i slap stiles before he finishes

derek growls and his eyes glow

allison smirks

"shut up stiles!" i whisper he nods

i see heather walking out and texted stiles

its over


i smile and kiss him

"Um lil get off" stiles says i get off confused

"Im a teenager and your naked kissing wont end well.."he says and gives me his jacket which is mid thigh i sit again and kiss him i look back allison winked and derek was red...i fell asleep in stiles arms.


"kill him!!"void yells

"No no please let goo"i scream

"KILL HIM"he yells


"joshua lank"

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