chapter 15

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lilys pov

"none of you" i said truly i wantedto be with scott

"what"stiles said i cryed and walked inside i told lisa to tell heather im leaving i walked out and got on my motorcycle i stopped at the perserve i walked inthe woods i went to the cliff amd sat there looking at the night sky

"why is life so fucking complicated"i sighed

"well its not gunna be perfect" i jumpedand turned around derek..

"mind if i join.."he said i shrugged i rememeberedi put on makeup i must look terrible he hugged me i cryed

"stiles made me choose between him scott or joshua" i choked out

"choose scott joshua will just hurt you so will stiles he loves malia...always will"he said i cryed harder i knew i couldnt be woth scott

scotts pov

i followed lily i saw her crying in dereks arms

"scott loves you lily" he said

"he...he lves kira.." she said

"no he doesnt he looks at you like he looked at allison he truly loved her and its the exact same way he is in love with you lily colens" derek said

"im in love its just kate wouldnt like it..."she said

"i mean maybe you can still hunt just not me..."he said she stood up so did he she nodded and took out her phone and texted me

'i love you.'i smiled and ran to her she laughed i kissed her and she hugged me tight i did it lily i saved you...

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