chapter 43

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Lilys Pov

I wake up strapped to a chair.. struggling to break free i remember when i was like this i have had a terrible past..

"Lily?"oh no...

"You....HOW DARE YOU!!"i scream while trying to break free he laughs at my pain

"So....hows..andrew?"he says walking to me while throwing my dads...AHHHHHH

"Daddy!!!"I CRY

"HOW COULD YOU AHHHHH NOOOOO"i scream so my dads heart! falls off my legs i cry and scream!

"how about mommy?"he says

"NOOO!"i watch as my mom gets her heart ripped out


"PLEASE STOP!!!!!"i scream while he brings chris my brother...he has tears down his face

"NO NO KILL ME LEAVE HIM PLEASE!"i scream heinsteads breaks his neck

"NOOOOOOO"i scream and finally break one leg free

"or...stiles kid...maybe our little friend joshua."he says


"NO LEAVE THEM JUST KILL ME!!!"i beg he brings in...jewl noo she is my girl best friend

"Lily oh my god you okay im h-"she died in front of me i scream he laughs

"Oh your so stupid!!"he yells slapping me

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!"i scream

"Remember you killed her.....thinking itwas an alpha...but killed her!!"he yells...i remember i was at stiles house and the red eyes....

"You remember."he whispers i nod

"Im going to kill everyone YOU LOVE UNTIL IT RAINS blood."he says

"Please stop!"i scream

"I cant believe i LOVED YOU!"i scream he squishes my face i try and shaking my head

"Well your lucky my brother still loves you.."he says i gasp

"He does..."i whisper

"YES HE DOES YOU BITCH"he kicks me i scream

"Maybe...i should kill him."he says

"NO NO!"i scream breathelessly

"Ill be back"he says smiling kicking me one last time.

"No.."i says while my vision gets blurry and all i see its colorful dots.

"Dont hurt him!"i try saying

He waves and leaves

the last thing i say before it goes black

"Dont Hurt Damon."

Hahaha WHAT!!

Yes Im Adding Vampire Diaries To This!

Stay Tuned! Also The Picture On The Side Is What She Saw

Another Note Sorry! Nina Dobrev Is Acting As Lily Colens Sorry.

A Graphic Chapter Coming Up Next...

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