chapter 28

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stiles pov

I ran after lily i called her name nothing she saw scott she gasped i listened

"Scott What??"she said annoyed

"Allison...were taking a break...."he said

"Thats Too Bad Now Go Bitch To Someone Else."lily said

"Lily..She Heard When I Said I LOVED you."he said

"I...Have to Go."lily said running i went to scott

Lily Pov

I Was Running I was a beserker...i ran and ran i fought there to strong an bone went through my stomach i screamed and fell on my knees in seconds i see scott...and stiles...i gasp for air..

"I...Is Stiles...Protect...STiles."i said scott held me all the sudden more more appeared kate....she was crying.....lydia allison even kira stiles...derek...

"Im Fine Lily Please not again..."stiles said tearing up..

"I-I love You.. stiles..stiles stilinski.."i say stiles crys harder derek hold my hand lydia kisses my forhead kira does  too allison puts a flower on me kate kissed my cheek....i kissed stiles..

"i forgive you derek."i said

"Just Tell her yes mhm tell her i--*last breathe! hand falls slo-mo*"

Derek Pov

I heard a small heartbeat...we rushed her to the hospital she forgives me.. i carried her bridal style i busted through the doors

"HELP SHE WAS HIT SHES DYING"i yelled melissa came and took her we all sat here allison,kate,kira,me,scott,liam,even her friends angel and amanda there crying their eyes out

A doctor came out

"Um...lily colens..-

I saw black.

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