chapter 19

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stiles pov

ugh my head i was gunna surprise lily but last thing i saw was a man witha gun then it went black i notice this place??? this is lilys basement oh yes i hear people talking

scott go now you have to run okay
no lily im not leaving you
well im a officer now obey and get out i swear god ill make your life a living a hell
scream if anything happens
okay scott and of i die....why did you dump me..
i didnt want to lead you on if i had feelings for kira...which i dont
so lily wanna he my girlfriend
no...i love stiles...bye scott

"BEACON COUNTY SHERIFF DEMARTMENT COMEOUT WITH YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR.."Lilys yelled i yelled she ran to me and cut me lose i was chained and kissed me i hugged her for dear life...a man came down

"now lily come one we have the deal. we have you and stiles lives."he said what NO I HELD TIGHTER she kissed me and let go i notice she was crying so was i

"i know the fucking deal now let me say good bye. asshole."she yelled she took off a golden necklace and opened it it was a picture of us.... a/n its my profile picture. she put in my hand

"ill always be with you..i love you i love you so much."she said crying i nodded i was cying too much

"i love you more..forever.."i said caressing her cheek i kissed her

"and always."she said walking away he was about to stab her she quickly turned around and grabbed the knife and stabbed him  another man came down she threw it in his leg he took it out and threw it i grabbed it and threw it at his eye...more guys came down and took lily i heard one guy say

i cant wait to see whats under these clothes

I HEARD THUDS AND CRASHES AND SCREANMS I GRABBED THE TWO KNIFES AND WENT OUT THERE ...scott and lily holding hands a guy going behind them i threw the knife in his  neck he screame i threw again in his head they turned around i noticed i was shirtless i ran towards lily i hugged her tighter than earlier i hear her tiny crys i see scott i gave him sad eyes he nodded lily got a call she answered 

well get this....if you want me....come and get me. alone. ill go alone so dont think.
tommorow my place 9pm
ill kill you myself


she looked at us and sad eyes and she was about to leave...

"whats gunna happen"i asked so did scott

"war."she said she looked at us both

"i want you to do one thing.."she said i nodded


"No im not leavin you"scottsaid

"too bad. youboth and everyone will."she said

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