The Little Wolf by bonniebird
The Little Wolfby Bonniebird
When a pack of werewolves, who had been allied with the Hales, are wiped out by hunters a young pup finds her way to Beacon Hills. The gang has to now balance raising a...
  • daddy
  • peterhale
  • allisonargent
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Crystal Clear ➣ S. McCall[1] by -bughead
Crystal Clear ➣ S. McCall[1]by <3
❝Every time they touch; A fire begins to burn❞ I should've never asked Lydia Martin for her crystal in chemistry class. I wouldn't have to deal with the unrequited love...
  • martin
  • allison
  • kanima
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Drowning | Nolan Holloway TW by mikkiandnackk
Drowning | Nolan Holloway TWby isaac lahey
"I'm drowning. Drowning in fear." Fear is a constant state for Alice Calder, a surviving victim of the Beast's rampage several months ago. Before she only look...
  • froygutierrez
  • werewolf
  • lydiamartin
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yours » isaac lahey by purestilinskii
yours » isaac laheyby milena
"what's the point of giving you a hickey if it heals?" »»» i do not own teen wolf all credits to jeff davis
  • stenfield
  • teen
  • sharman
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Pure  ×  Isaac Lahey by AintThatDevine
Pure × Isaac Laheyby ♤ melissa ♤
There has always been a difference between dark and light magic, but only darkness saves lives when it's truly needed. Magic can make any soul black, maybe even darker t...
  • alphapack
  • scottmccall
  • isaaclahey
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The Huntress ➳Allison Argent by thatpunkmaximoff
The Huntress ➳Allison Argentby ↠ Melissa
When Allison Argent dies, a mix-up happens and her soul gets sent to the wrong place. When Castiel finds out, he does his best to right this wrong, but Allison's mind is...
  • family
  • castiel
  • friendship
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Storm // Teen Wolf // Scott McCall by theprophet-chuck
Storm // Teen Wolf // Scott McCallby grimmons trash
Sawyer Hale's family burned to death in a fire when she was ten years old. Her uncle, Peter, was the only other survivor - but even that came at a price. Six years late...
  • teenwolf
  • thehalefamily
  • scottmccall
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Our Guardian Angel by imasamm
Our Guardian Angelby imasamm
A requested book by @Maddigalea14 Stiles Stilinski was nothing special. He was the skinny, defenseless human that ran with wolves. But when Stiles gets his chance to s...
  • derek
  • scottmccall
  • scott
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Hidden Mikealson,  teenwolf x the originals  by PropertyOfNeganx
Hidden Mikealson, teenwolf x the...by ➵ ➵ ➵
HIDDEN MIKEALSON| ❝fight like a girl.❞ After activating her werewolf curse, Hope Martin, learns about her other supernatural sides and her true name.. Hope Mikealson...
  • kolmikaelson
  • fanfic
  • scottmccall
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Natural Disasters ➳ Derek Hale by hoe-chlins
Natural Disasters ➳ Derek Haleby rosie
"trouble doesn't find me. i find trouble." ➺ ➺ ➺ ➺ ➺ {DEREK HALE X OC} COVER CREDIT TO @DAVIDSFRANCO
  • fanfiction
  • voidstiles
  • wolf
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Teen Wolf Imagines by lovelyobrienn
Teen Wolf Imaginesby lovelyobrienn
  • dylansprayberry
  • tylerposey
  • crystalreed
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A MILLION SCARS ▹ DEREK HALE by downontheloki
A MILLION SCARS ! ❝to be human is to be broken and ...
  • scottmccall
  • teenwolf
  • lydiamartin
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Brett Talbot Imagines by bonniebird
Brett Talbot Imaginesby Bonniebird
MY imagines from MY Tumblr account
  • scottmccall
  • stilesstilinski
  • teenwolfimagines
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iMessage |Kol Mikaelson| by jack-the-nephilim
iMessage |Kol Mikaelson|by jack-the-nephilim
In which Mackenzie McCall Scott's older sister accidentally texts the newly awakened Original Kol Mikaelson and they slowly fall in love Will be mostly Texts with some...
  • derekhale
  • teenwolf
  • scottmccall
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Stiles Mikaelson by aripllslays4ever
Stiles Mikaelsonby ari.pllslays4ever
What happens when Stiles "Stilinski" the only "human" in the McCall-Hale pack is actually a Mikaelson?
  • stallison
  • originals
  • kol
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texting unnaturally ♢ teen wolf/the vampire diaries/shadowhunters by tomandmarco
texting unnaturally ♢ teen wolf/th...by aesthetic mess
555-6282: Caroline, love give me a chance. 555-8292: Who's Caroline? @tomandmarco // 2016
  • theoriginals
  • fanfiction
  • lydiamartin
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New wolf || liam dunbar  by Jessica_nyc
New wolf || liam dunbar by Jess 🍓
Glowing eyes, fangs, claws, super hearing. Meet Jessica Mitchell. Not your average teenage girl. I do not own teen wolf just Jessica and her storyline. All rights rese...
  • teenwolf
  • mattespionsa
  • liamdunbar
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Take On The World ◎ Scott McCall by mei1524
Take On The World ◎ Scott McCallby mei1524
Scott was in between both her and Stiles, the teen wolf didn't want to end things on a tense note with her. He took a step towards her and pulled her into a deep kiss...
  • derek
  • season1
  • season2
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The Bastard Child ~Teen Wolf by Nickey0398
The Bastard Child ~Teen Wolfby Dom
Mackinzy McCall is a few months younger than her brother Scott McCall. Agent Rafe McCall was a very heavy drinker. One night at a club he had hooked up with a women and...
  • lahey
  • teen
  • love
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Ghosts • Stiles Stilisnki by -voidylan
Ghosts • Stiles Stilisnkiby jay ❀
"WE ARE TOO YOUNG TO HAVE THIS MANY G H O S T S" "So what brought you to Beacon Hills?" "Someone told me to go here. They said I would be safe...
  • lydia
  • teenwolf
  • stiles
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