chapter 5

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jacksons pov

"yea?" she said softly her voice is so sweet man im falling hard for he

"alone." her mom said i released her hand and went to the living room but i used my werewolf hearing

"ok lily i know you dont want to hunt werewolves." her mom said SHES A.HUNTER!!!

"MOM I WONT EVER!!"she said

"lily i know but scott is a.werewolf."her dad said

"no shit i know you laced my knofes with wolfsbane and my arrows" she said

"i dont want you seeing him..." he said calmly

"trust me i wont." she said angry

"andrew get out" her mom said her dad left

"soo honey whos the hunk you brought!" she said nicely ahaha im a hunk

"hes my boyfriend" she said smiling i can tel

"ok!! you can go" she said and left now were home alone

"hey jackson..."she said running in my arms i love how she takes it slow not like lydia

"haha hey" i said smiling i cant stop smiling 

"wanna go swimming?" she said happy

"sure!" we ran out outside holding hands

she took off her dress now shes in a blue bra and black underwear and im in my boxers normal

she jumped in the pool losing her hair out of its braid and we took off our shoes 

"come in jackson!!" she said laughing so i jumped in

"lily...." i said 

"yes?" she said turning around as her hair flies to her right shoulder 

"hold my hand hold your breathe and go underwater with me." i said 

"hahaha why?" she said laughing but did anyway we both went down i used my werewolf eyes to see and brung her to my face and kissed her and we went up

"oohhh thats why." she said smiling we spent the day laughing and kissing until i had to leave we changed she put on sweat and a shirt that said "FxCK 0FF" and a messy bun she still look beautiful

"do you have to go??" she said pouting i remember i had lydia a gift it was a short shorts and a bra she can use those yes!!!

"do you wanna sleep at my house?" i asked hopeful she kissed me and got in i guess thats a yes we went inside and went to my room

"wow you have..a wow!" she said in amzement did i mention i was rich 

"yea..i forgot to tell you im rich...." i said 

"doesnt matter" she said as she shrugged wow she didnt care? she didnt ask for anything i told lydia she wanted everything

"oh shit i forgot pajamas! and clothes fr tommorow!!" she said rubbing her forhead

"its fine here" i gave her the shorts and bra  she lifted an eyebrow

"yea okay gimme a shirt" she said laughing i did she took of her sweats and shirt only to see her open chest only bra....  o.o

"oh god" she said laughing

" no no no its fine!!" i said she put on my shirt and got in bed.

i changed into new boxers and got in bed and and she put her head on my chest 

"goodnight beautful" i said she kissed my heart 

"night." she said 

next day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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