chapter 32

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Lily Pov

i asked the voice he agreed i feel and woke up in my case i rolled out i had my clothes i flew to dereks loft

i busted throught the doors everyone sees me i used my vision the figure is still there i walk slowly

"lil whats wrong?"

"whats happening"

"are you okay"

"is it bad?"

i couldnt take it

"RUN!"i yell the figure comes out and fights me i dodge every hit and punch his face i look back

"how did you know?" asks derek

"i watch over you guys i always will"i said scott hugs me i hug back

i see lydia i run to her we hug to death well her im already dead

i sigh and sit im gunna regret this

"any questions?" i ask

"do you have mind powers?" stiles ask

"i have powers" i morfed into allison she gasped then i turned invisble then into a bunny back to my self i saw a pencil i made it come to me

"woahhh hot."stiles said

"So you can walk through walls?"derek asked

"I think so"i stood up and walked to the door i walked right through it and came back i sat down.

" see evil?"lydia asked

"Yes. I see everything."i said allison wide eyed

"Even the shower?"she said i giggled

"I could. But i wont and i dont."i said laughing...i sighed and stood up and walked to derek i hugged him he gasped and slowly hugged back

"Im sorry i wont be able to help you."i whispered

"Can you eat in heaven?"stiles asked

"Actually i ate a brownie before i came here."i said going to sit i was cold i thought of a fluffy blanket

"Nice."malia said.

"Well i gotta go..."i said stiles stopped me with tears in his eyes i wiped them and kissed him

"Can i go just to visit"he asked the voice said for 10 minutes i nodded i opened thedoor of the stair case with stiles in my hand

"Wow....this is alot of walking just fly up"stiles said i kisses him and i flew upi sat down and looked at everyone stiles held my hand

" i love you lily. And im going to miss you."he said i started to cry i look down andit raining....IN THE.LOFT. i gasped and wiped my tears.

"wait the day you.died was raining....were you crying...."he asked i nodded..he kissed me

Lily i see the love in your eyes you may stay human for 1 WEEK you also keep your powers make the best of it

"Uh oh."i said and gripped stiles hand tight

"What??"he asked

"Just ill explain there okay just hold on tight"i said he nodded

"AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"me and stiles screamed at we fell in the loft head first

"Ow shit!"i yelled and i see stiles and heal him he nods as in thank you

"That was 3 minutes."stiles said

"I can stay here human for one week."I said allison shot an arrow in my leg

"Aahhh"i said as i fell i got up and took the arrow out i choked her in my mind

"Dont UNDERESTIMATE ME YOU PATHETIC HUMAN!"i yelled woah...not my voice i let go

"Also i can mind control you"i said liam scoffed i walked to him

"Liam. Give me 100 bucks."isaid he nodded and gave me them

"Im tired..."i said me and stiles went home we saw sheriffhe saw me i cryed and ran to him we hugged for like 10 minutes

"How did this happen"he asked

"Im a angel im not alive"i said he was confused

"Watch"i morfed into john him then into a bunny then invisble then i grew my wings my halo i explained the rest

"A week only?"he said i.nodded he hugged me but went right through that happens when i need energy

"Sorry. That means i need energy"i said stiles tried to hold my hand it went throuvh

"Apple?"he said i giggled and said no

"Sleep."i said he nodded stiles showed me upstairs

"Stiles im not a dumb ass i know where your room is."i said i flew up he scoffed

"Also i only see you sing terrible"i said with a wink and walked in his room i sat on his bed i notice a girl there i screamed

"Stiles? Come to bed."she said i see stiles walk in i punched his nose and flew out

I flew to scotts....well then i walked through the door i see melissa

"Hey"i said she screamed i flew upstairs i see scott sleeping i crawled in and used him as my little spoon

"Um...lily?"he asked

"Yes."i said

"Whatcha doin?"he asked

"Sleeping."i said

"Why am i the little spoon?"i shrugged and he nodded and we slept....i missed scott....i love stiles and scott i thought stiles had heather not some red head litteraly not orange RED and GREEN ew. Stiles wow...what a diuchebag i missed scott so fucking much...


Next Day

Scott shook me i groaned

"Lily school."he said i shot up  i morfed into a girl random i have brown hair long blue eyes skinny perly teeth i smiled scott wide eyed i notice im naked i shrugged i thouvht about a pink and white dress

On scotts bike

So im goin to school for a week make the best of it. I took in a shaky breathe

"Lily?"scott said

"Your name is bella and your my girlfriend okay"he said i nodded we walked in hand in hand everyone staring angel and amanda joshua...i almost ran to him scott pulled me back and whispersd

"Bella. You Dont Know Him."i nodded and tearvfell down i miss you joshua.

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