chapter 8

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lilys pov

"scott are you a virgin" i blurted out he laughed i covered my mouth

"hahaha no im not." he said

"are you" he asked i blushed and looked down

"yes..." i said when he pulled my face to his and i sat on top of him and started swaying my hips forward i pulled his shirt off and pulled off mine i pulled his pants off and he pulled mine there we stood me in a bra and panties and him in boxer we continued our session and he plopped me on the bed and we had.........

next day its saturday  btw

it was 11:00am i shook scott nothing well i noticed he was naked so was i so.........i bit his nipple......nothing grrr i look at his tthing and thought that was inside me!?? holy shit!!!! i grabbed his bulge and did helicopter he slapped my head

"yay your awake!" i kissed him

"what were you doing with scott jr. ??"  he asked laughed keeping himself up on his elbows

"helicopter brrrrrrrrr" i started spinning making helicopter sounds he laughed

"my parents are coming home tommorow do you wanna sleep over again??" i asked

"no your sleeping at my house" he said i smiled and kissed him again again he asked for an entrance i backed up

"nope! morning breathe" i said pointing to my mouth and his

"fuckin tease" he said smiling

after i brushed my teeth and showered and he did

i put on skinny jeans and scotts jersey and converse

we went on his bike and we left to go to stiles

scott opened the doors and yelled

"your lives just got better!! i know mine did" he looked at me and said i never got my kiss i smiled and kissed passionantly

"ahem please not in the house" stiles said we laughed and went to his room

"so lydia and kira are coming over" scott said i nodded

"yeaa were going on a group date" stiles said

"oh you and lydia i see oh ill pick out your outfit i know what she likes wait where are we going?" i said

scott and stiles looked at each other and said together

"bowling" i am pro at bowling muhahaha

"no wolf powers mister i can tell stiles also told me how you suck at bowling ill help you" i said and started kissing him

"guys!" stiles said i got up sucked my finger and stiles looked turned on scott looked piss and i gave him a wink i sucked more making it drip i bent down next to stiles and looked in his eyes put my finger in his ear

"fuckin tease" stiles said

i went home scott went home i changed when i saw scott on one knee with a rose  my mom answered

"uh kid im already married so.. beat it." my mom said i yelled mom! she mouthed oh i ran to him and kissed him i took the rose and wel hopped on his bike and drove there

1hour later

god scott sucked lydia nd stiles were snickering till i gave him a wet willie again lydia giggled i ran to scott

"hey scott so" i said

"sorry i know i suck

"no no!! just think about when we...made love"i whispered and ran back he made a strike hahaha

"hahaha see that!!" i did a happy dance till scott pulled me on his lapand kissed me i smiled

"help me out scott" lydia said in a flirty tone i butted in

"how bout stiles he is your date and kira couldnt make it" i said

she sighed and i gave stiles a wink he gave me the finger he talked how to do it she just stood there till i pushed stiles right back of her she smiled how cute walked back she made a strike!!!

"woow is this a couple forming?!"i said stiles glared at me lydia said maybe stiles exted me thank you i winked

"alright lily your turn" stiles said and......STRIKE!! i got right in stiles face and yelled boom

"hahaha" after we ate and talked fun night until  scott said

lily i like you but..

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