chapter 30!!

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Lilys Pov

I sighed and sat down

"What"i said coldly

"Whats wrong."scott asked i fake smiled

"Oh you mean my boyfriend moaning another girls and i just woke from a COMA and scott is worried about whst FUCKING ALLISON THEN I FIND DEREK AND A BITCH NUDE! SO A FUCKING GOOD WAKE UP CALL"i yell derek hugged me thats. It. He pushed it i pushed the air all of them flung to the wall


"I QUIT YOUR STUPID PACK WHATEVER!!!I HATE YOU ALL!! I CAN KILL YOU WITH OUT LIFTING A FINGER! SO DONT UNDERESTIMATE ME!!"i yelled and push harder they groan i feel cold and evil they are wide eyed i smiled

"LILY"i snap trance for a second then again they encourage stiles to say my name

"LILY COME BACK TO ME!!"i stop and fall i cry whats wrong with me stiles hugged i missed his nice scent i sniffed it smelt like...PERFUME i pushed him off

"You her get the fuck out."i said he looks at scott he nods  derek does.too

"I love you."he whispers and leaves i sigh and wipe my tears i look at the two left and pointed to the door i just want to DIE thought about myself dieing owwww its works shitt

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH"i did a lydia scream i saw a white light i smiled its over finally. I walked towards it i walked the staircase smiling

Stiles Pov

I heard lily scream we all rushed there we brung her to the hospital we waited for 10min. A doctor came out.....he sighed and looked down.

"Um ImSorry Lily Colens Has..Died..." those words caused the world around to shatter..

I fell to my knees i cryed and screamed i punched the floor i didnt nobody could get me to leave derek couldnt i stomped on the floor with my fist still on my knee crying and screaming

"NOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYY LILYYYYYYYYY PLEASEEEEEEEE AHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHHHH LILYYYYYYYYYYY NOOOOO AHHHH!!!!!"i said pounding the floor scott broke a vending machine derek made a  hole in the wall i made the floor crack...

Lily Pov

I watch as everyone i love breaks things and cry i have a golden halo and wings i have a short white dress with flats i cry as they do that....

I sat down eating a brownie....i see derek has the girl she is comforting and protecting him....i smile and stiles..isnt doing anybetter he is still looking at my dead body....i love you

"I LOVE YOU STILES PLEASE HEAR ME!!!!!"I yelled i know he cant hear me....i mean im dead....BANSHEE! i turned to lydia...SHES TRYING TO CONTACT ME!! YAY

"hi lily im sorry i ignored you i dont know if you hear me i love you." I smiled

'Lydia i hear you loud and clear  i love you too '

"lily!! OH MY GOD WAIT IM CALLING EVERYONE"she did that and everyone came...even malia.. and kira.

"Okay guys only i can talk to her"lydia says they nod

"Lily you still there?"

Tell stiles i love him too.

She smiled and turned to stiles

"She said she loves you too"lydia said stiles smiled

"I wish you were here.."

Yea...its easier without me there believe me..


Uh ill ask?

the voice said i may but limited times not forever i can NAP there i cant sleep there nap is two hours.. i squel then im falling



I gasp for air realise im on earth...and in seconds it opens i sit up and see everyone..i notice thh boys are staring at my OPEN chest i cover it.

"Okay listen i can only be here limited time...i mean like im an angel watch" i grew my wings and thought about my clothes i got up and stiles hugged me i couldnt let go..

"I love you too..."i said he kisses me. I smile he does too i turned around and get in a group hug stiles lydia scott derek liam kira.

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