chapter 23

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lilys pov

derek ignored my question and kissed me i giggled and got my wallet

"derek can you drive me too the mall.." i asked getting my shoes 

"sure" he said we went and drove to the mall i got out about 20 and gave it to derek

"whats this??"he asked

"gas money..." i said he put it in my hand

"i love you i did this because i want to im not charging you..."he said i sighed and nodded

"Wait. yea i am charging you" he said excuse me

"with a kiss" he said i laughed and kissed him he winked and left 

i ran to angel and amanda we squeled! 


"OMG  SO PRETTYY YOUR GETTING THAT!!!" amanda and i yelled its so pretty its a cotton candy pink slim

"YAY" angel jumped she bought exact same shoes

we left for amandas dress



"EEP SO AHHH" i said jumping its a red slim dress she got same shoes but with diamonds on the heels


"YOU HAVE TO GET NOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"amanda yelled and angel...same time

its a white long dress flowly thoughwith jewls on the top its strapless i did buy it i got white sky high shoes yay

we went home i plopped on bed sooo tireddd


me and angel and amanda are talking about how we rent a limo together 

we see lydia and jackson holding hands i smile at lydia 

lydia looks at me 

"hey where have you been tonight we go shoppping!!!"she said jumping my heart was thumping i feel tears fall all the sudden derek bursted throught the door snd ran to me...

"please please dont..." i said whimpering and backing to the wall angel and amanda helping me 

"i already went shopping go shoping with your new sister or best friend allison"i said walking away derek kisses and hugs me then leave i turn and see angel and amanda smirking i laugh we walk its last period anyway


i finished my hair curls and my light make up i put on my dress and shoes angel me amanda walk dwn to three men in tux's derek,joshua,liam 

"you look beautiful."they all said we left to school me and derek locked arms i let out a shaky breathe i walked in all eyes on me including angels and amandas then smiles so did we continued to walk i sat down hold dereks hand playing with it 

"hahah what are you doing"he said i kissed him he kissed back we went to dance and wrapped my arms on his neck his hands on my waist (kiss me song is on) so close a paper couldnt fit  after a couple songs we sat down

"baby. im goignt o get my phone i left in my locker"i said he nodded i got it and went back girl huddled around derek one kissed him he laughed i cried my makeup running i ran my shoe fell i kept running i ran into a classroom peter appeared i gasped and the killers behind him...

"now why didnt you die oh right scott bit you welp we must try again" he said i nodded i put my hand out he put the killers sword in it i pointed at my chest  

"ok...ok..."i said peter sat down

scott busted throught along with allison and derek isaac malia stiles lydia liam joshua 


"need help?" he said

"yes...please...."i said he groaned and pointed the monster to me he nodded and walked towards me 

'i saw the girls derek...' i mindlinked him 

"IM SORRY LILY PLEASE"it was too late i saw darkness wheres the white light ??

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