53 // The Truth.

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Laylas Pov

i walk into school outfit on side. Stiles spots me.

"I like your outfit. "

"Thank you!"i say smiling he sighs I frown

"What's wrong"

"I'm ready to tell about lily.." oh shit.

"Oh um..sure come on"  we walk outside and sit on a bench he sighs teary eyed

"Lily...was the love of my life...

she made everything better just by smiling..she lit up a room by walking in. She always wants to help...

little did we know..

she was the one who needed it. Lily...

is perfect. The way she laughed..

her hair right on her beautiful body perfectly shaded by the moon. She was amazing..

but she tried helping...she ended up..


i have never felt this way with any girl since her..." he says i let my tears fall i cant hold it anymore

"Stiles..Im Lily..."i whisper he looks disgusted by me..

"This isnt funny!"

"Im not IM LILY!!!"


"its me..i told you...! ask me anything."

"um what did you say before i left."

"ill return one day and that i love you."

"Lily" i nod and hug him tight

"I love you "we both keep saying Stiles not letting me go.. i dont really mind.

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