chapter 13

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lilys pov

i stared to tear up i dont cry...I WONT! were looking for the alphas pack a/n: sorry im combining all seasons including s4 enjoy!! i felt a brush behind my neck i gear and then i felt claws.scar 3 lones on my back i yell and fall

scott pov

i heard lily yell i ran and found her on the ground with claw marks deep in her.back i try helping her surprisingly it work after 2hours she woke up in my room

"i gotta go."she said i stopped her she fucking stabbed me what the hell!!! and walked out

lilys pov

i dont care its 5pm its already dark i went to the woods my gear and i stole a bullet proof vest incase underneath my clothes after i left scott i suddenly saw kate...

"hello." she said

"your supposed to be dead"i said

"i killed the person who turned me!! i got my cure i just wanna help hunt.."she said i sighed

"i killed the im here for the pack!"i said she walked towards me and..hugged me? okay..

"i wish allison was like you." she said

"i hunt those who hunt us... no need for sentimental shit." i said she laughed

"well done" she said

"no im going to find derek.."i said she stopped

"for what!" she said harshly

"to kill him."i said she smiled and nodded she had her shotgun of course.

we got to dereks i saw him he looked up

"oh hey lily..." he said he was nicer to me..whatever i smiled and winked at kate she nodded i got my light saber and tazed him i stabbed his stomach and shot his knee..he should die in a hour..

"nice!!" kate yelled i laughed

"i wanted fun too.." she said and tazed derek we hugged and left i invited to stay at my place..she thanked me she is like a big sister...

"so when did you start hunting" she asked about 5 months

"five months ago."i said

"wow your good to kill an alpha nice!"she said  we were eating popcorn

"so please tell me your not seeing scott" she said

"actually i threatened to kill him if he gets in my way" i said she laughed

"exact words say it" she said i giggled

"i didnt hesitate or afraid to kill an alpha ill do it again."i said

"good one." she said we laughed and talked and went to bed.

scotts pov

i knew derek was in trouble luckily we saved him i have to save lily from hunting.i cant lose her i love her.

kate pov

i really like lily she seems to like to hunt too its like another allison 2.0

we wokeup were going to the mall today were havin a party for her birthday

at  the mall

lilys pov

i tried on a long red silk dress a cut leg opening all the way to my thigh i walked out kates mouth flew open

"ahh werre buyin it" she said we did buy it the party is tonight i went to the bathroom kate nodded i walked in i saw scott grrr he hugged me i pushed him off and pushed him out after my business i walked out and got a towel  to shower  after i curled my hair and put red lipstick on mascara i put on my red high heels and my dress it went to my heels so its really long i walked out kate hugged me

1hour later

my parents left anniverasy kate got acohol i see rainbows!!! WOOOO WOAAHHH DOUPLE RAINBOW OHHHHHHHHHH MANNNN TRIPLE RAIN BOW AHHHHH WOOOOO

"lily! happy birthday" a dude said i went to dance and nice soul yet fast song came on i started swaying my hips a person tapped my shoulder.....scott....

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