chapter 40 S4!!!

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Lily Pov

Im in the front seat as stiles drives with lydia malia kira yea she came back

Were heading to mexico To look for derek. i smile and look at stiles while holding his hands he kisses me i hear malia growl.

Something hits us..

"A beserker."i whisper

After a few i see something a beserker i roar and gasp my angel powers.... i run torwards It

"hey! LILY!"stiles yells i go attack it but the bone hits my stomach i roar.


I head back to the jeep its fixed i get in and pull out the bone i scream

"You dont you ever do that again!"stiles says

"Do what!"

"Run i thought you were running "

"i was running"

"no like running away"

"i wouldnt leave without you."


"i would never leave without you..or lydia scott kira anyone. you the most"

"Malia i would leave."i say adjesting myself lydia hugs me i hug back 

We arrive

"Is that him is that derek?"malia asks kira

"Sort of"stiles says

"Oh lord."lydia whispers

"Hes hot."i accidently say stiles glares at me i kiss him until young derek puts me over his shoulder

"MATE MATE MATE MATE!"he keeps yelling

"Ahhhhh"i scream stiles is running to me so is everyone except malia she is walking

"MATE MATE"he yells ripping my shirt open i scream stiles punches him young derek now knocked out i hug stiles..

Im not letting him know about my powers

Atleast not yet.




me and stiles and young derek get to scotts house to find his dad

"Whos she."He asks

"Mate"derek pulls me stiles pulls me and kisses me

"Whos he?"

"der-"derek gets cut off

"Miguel. My cousin Miguel"stiles say i fall laughing derek smiles

"Hey miguel whats up!"i say from the floor he growls i glow my red eyes he stops i smile and get up


"Do you know anything about fires."miguel asks

"What type"scotts dad says stiles throws a piece of chicken at miguel

"The Hale Fire."

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