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[ just add water - cavetown ]

robin and i started hanging out more since always after school, he'd invite me to visit his house again.

the days turned to weeks then it almost felt like months or years.. maybe even a decade!

he also introduced me to some of his other friends named tom, tom, mia, and simi. it somehow boosted my confidence on socializing to people. all of them were so nice and humorous.

but even though my socializing skill increased, i'm still a little quiet. i still don't have friends in school. i'm still what they call a "weirdo."

although, the girls started talking to me just because of robin. they wanted to know who robin was. i did give a little information about him, but they still don't know him completely.

but being with them now, honestly felt like i'm one of them. they'd greet me and play with my hair (i do not really know why but it's kinda weird).

we hangout during recess and most of us got close. but i'm still different to them.

"hey y/n," callie tapped my shoulder. "have you chosen a dress for the party next week?"

"party?" i questioned. i knew nothing about what they were asking.

"does she know?" callie asked janine. "i don't think so." sabrina answered callie's question.

"well, you see y/n," janine cleared her throat. "amy's birthday is coming up next week and her parents decided to throw a party in their house..." she explained.

"oh, well i didn't know that. um, no. i don't really have a dress." i confessed, i used to have a lot of dresses but i grew too fast, sadly.

"is there a specific theme?" i asked amy.

"not really, you can just wear anything. we just wanted to wear a dress." sabrina answered.

"hey, can you also invite your friend?" callie asked. here we go again..

"huh? friend who?" i pretended that i didn't knew who they were talking about.

"robin?" janine answered my question. "we haven't seen what he looks like, do you have a picture of his on your phone?"

"no, we don't take photos that much, sadly." it was a lie. we took a lot of pictures and most of them looked hilariously ridiculous.

"can you please bring robin with you? we really want to meet him." janine begged.

"but janine, he doesn't really have to come if he doesn't want to-"

"zip it, amanda.." janine mumbled which i heard pretty vividly.

"uh, i don't know.." my voice got small.

"great!" janine squealed. "see you!"

»one week later»

"are you sure you want to go to that party?" robin asked.

"the girls forced me to." i sighed. "i can't say no and i have no choice."

"but why am i coming with you?" he wore his cap and carried fig.

"they wanted to see you, ever since you annoyed me on the phone." i chuckled.

"was it too loud?"


"sorry 'bout that." he rubbed his eyes.

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