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(continuation of chapter nine bc i want to)
[crush culture - conan gray]

both of us finally arrived at robin's house, after walking for thirty minutes and babbling about our favourite artists.. we have finally arrived.

we were greeted by fig (once again) and robin's parents. never really expected that his dad came home first.

"good afternoon, mr. and mrs. skinner." i greeted with a smile.

"hello y/n!" his mother greeted. "you haven't been here in a while, how's your mum?" last time i visited, i told her about my mum. my mum has a garden full of herbs and stuff. she's in love with plants.

"she's doing great, mrs. skinner." i replied. "i told her about you, she told me she's really looking forward to meet you."

"that's lovely!" she exclaimed. suddenly (again), robin pulled my wrist and climbed upstairs..

"hey, hEY.. watch my ukulele!" i warned him, he took me inside his room and he took a notebook.

"why did we have to run?" i panted.

"nothing, i just like running." he announced.

"i'm already tired." i sat on his bed and removed my ukulele from the case. i've forgotten what i was doing.. "why are we here again? i don't know what i'm saying.."

"i wanted to show you something." robin replied, he gave me a red notebook.

"what's this?"

"i'm currently writing a song.." he smiled.

"ooh nice.." i replied. "what's the name of the song?"

"well, it's called juliet." he opened his notebook.

"as in, romeo and juliet?"

"i guess you could say that, yeah."

"what's it about?" i asked while carrying fig, petting his fur.

"uhh, it's kind of.. about love, i guess?"

"oh.." i answered. he handed me his notebook and saw some of the lyrics he has written for his new song.

some of them had erasures but even though his handwriting was a little messy, i understand what it says..

"my sour boy is a pain, i wanna shoot him in the brain-"

"read it on your mind, silly." he cuts, i just rolled my eyes and continued reading.

but i'd miss him in the morning

it really hurts

when i need to so bad but i can't see her

my juliet, my special girl.

"aww, that's adorable. i feel like i'm gonna have diabetes." i joked.

"is that a good thing or a bad thing?" he questioned.

"well i mean, it sounds poetic and i like it, not gonna lie." i answered. "it's good."

robin took his guitar and pick and strummed his guitar.

"don't spoil this to anyone, or i'll kill you." he said solemnly.

"fine.." i sarcastically replied.

"but i need to understand
when i can power through
and when i need some help from you
when i should stand my grounds and when i just need to sit down sometimes i act like i know but i'm really just a kid with two corks on his eyes and a bully on his head.." he sang. "that's it. time's up."

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