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[february - beach bunny]

after getting dressed and taking all my stuff, i rushed downstairs then wore my sneakers.

"what's with the rush?" my dad asked as he sipped on his tea.

"uh... i'm going to our school party for valentines." i replied. "where's mum?" i sighed as i looked around, trying to find mum.

"she went to tesco with your brother, grocery shopping," he replied. my phone suddenly rang again, it was janine again.

"but i just heard him calling me?"

"he wanted to wake you up before he goes out." dad responded.

"i really have to go now," i ran towards the door. "please tell mum i'll be back immediately." i ran out of the door.

as i started walking quickly, i cancelled janine's call then turned my phone off since she was bugging me too much.

i thought about what happened in the dream that i had a while ago, it felt weird; everything in the dream was weird. i literally thought that i was awake.

"why was robin there? why did he kiss me? is this a sign or is my mind trying to mess me around?" i questioned myself. "christ, y/n, get a grip. you're feeling so lovey-dovey over a guy again. just... calm down, it'll fade away eventually. just shake it off and you'll be fine. " i shook my head then sighed.

all of a sudden, my phone beeped a notification. "for the love of god, stop this kid." i assumed that it was janine but turned out that it wasn't.

🍋: hi

🍋: how are you?

🍋: i just got this weird dream last night and it's kind of bugging me. you were there as well.

y/n: um

y/n: okay don't spill yet. i'm currently going to the school's valentines party, janine's currently pissed so i have to turn off my phone. hope you'd understand :b

but honestly, it was kind of an excuse. i started thinking if he dreamt the same thing but i didn't want to make my chest explode (yet, since maybe he did have the same dream). shit, why did i sound like i was one of those really girly and insane teenagers? i need to stop myself.

🍋: no problemo :))

🍋: in the meantime...

robin set his nickname to binbin uwu

robin set your nickname to bunbun uwu

bunbun uwu: what's with the uwu's

binbin uwu: i just thought that it would look better :>

binbin uwu: UwU

i rolled my eyes then placed my phone on my pocket.


i sneakily went inside the school garden as i started setting up the camera. i didn't want to show up in front of janine.

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