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(to both of my friends who requested me to do a "valentine's special" ever since january... even though i wasn't really planning to do this oof)
[another one bites the dust - queen]

fast forward to february, all of our teachers and most people here in my school started acting really cheesy, the air felt... different.

as i climbed upstairs going to the library to bring back the books that i borrowed, the walls were filled with hearts and near the library, there was a small banner saying ‘love is in the air’.

oh right, it's february...

seeing the banner and the paper hearts near the door gave me the sudden urge to rip all of them apart.

i came inside the library then sat all the books down to the table.

“giving the books back today, huh?” jillian asked, she's one of the librarians here in school.

“yep,” i carried all of the books then gave it to jillian.

“hey by the way, since when did they put the banner and the decorations outside?” i asked as i put my bag down the seat. it was still early and no one else was in the library but her so i decided to stay for awhile.

“just last week.” jillian answered. “the student council decorated it and planned to put it up there.”

“we're not even near fourteenth yet.” i chuckled.

“actually, we are. it's next week.” jillian replied. “are you excited about it?”

“the opposite of excitement.” i slouched as i sat down on the seat.

“heartbroken?” she asked.

“no. just annoyed about that holiday.” i replied.

“oh, i see...” she snapped her fingers. “you're bitter about valentines!”

“sure, i guess you could say that.” i admitted. i'm not that bitter, it's just that valentines kind of annoy me. not really sure why but seeing paper hearts everywhere and other valentine related stuff makes me want to choke. “is it bad?”

“not really,” jillian replied. “in my opinion, i think it's okay to be bitter during valentines. just... don't be too much of a killjoy.”

“i'll try...” i shrugged.


“students,” ms. abby called. “so, before we discuss our topic for today, sabrina and janine would like to say a few announcements from the student council.” i saw the both of them whispering at each other then stood up and went in front.

“hello, so we have some good news and bad news for all of you.” janine announced.

“but we'll be telling you the bad news first.” sabrina added.

“the bad news is, the school's prom for this year has been cancelled.” janine frowned a little.

in my mind, i wanted to shout and kneel down the floor and say “yes! hallelujah!”

“praise the lord!” lucas cheered, raising both of his hands. ms. abby and all of the students laughed except janine and sabrina.

“hahaha, very funny, lucas.” sabrina sarcastically replied. “anyways, the good news is instead of prom, us and the student council have decided to make a mini prom but instead of gowns and tuxedos,”

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