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[fireflies - owl city]
(your point of view)

a week later on sunday, i was (once again) doing nothing in the house but read a book. our christmas break in school became early since they started fixing the school building.

i was all snuggled up in a blanket on the sofa and hot cocoa by my side. i was reading this book called "playlist for the dead" by michelle falkoff. the story was almost like thirteen reasons why except it isn't that gruesome and disturbing.

while i was reading and sipping on my hot chocolate, my mum approached me then sat on the sofa beside me.

“hey, so your friend's mum just called.” mum said while she rapped her arms around me.

“mrs. skinner?” i asked as i sat down. “why? what did she say?”

“nothing,” mum replied. “we just talked about a lot of stuff. i also realised she likes plants.”

“oh, yeah she does.” i sipped on my hot chocolate then turned the book to the next page.

“we've talked about gardening and she asked me if it's alright, she could visit us this tuesday.” she explained.

“what did you say?” i asked.

“well i said yes, of course.” mum responded.

“will she bring robin?”

“yes, and with his dad.” mum suddenly started smirking at me.

“why are you looking at me like that?” i questioned.

“why are you asking about robin?” mum asked. “do you...”

even before mum said the word, i already knew what she was going to say.

“oh my god mum, no!” i exclaimed as i dropped my book while mum laughed.

“what? what's the problem?” mum questioned, sounding amused.

“mum, no! no, no, no, no!” i tried sounding serious. “i do not have a thing for him, mum.”

“i didn't say anything!” mum laughed. “guilty with unreasonable doubt?” i just rolled my eyes playfully at her comment.

“oh really?” my brother added.

“please shut up, i swear to god.”

“so, it's true?” mum asked.

“no!” the situation was getting more awkward than ever, making me cover my face with a pillow.


two days later, it was the day where mum said the skinner's would visit us.

my mum forced me to wear a little more "formal" than wearing my comfy pajamas. she gave me an ugly sweater too.

so i wore the christmas sweater, my old converse shoes, and simple trousers.

i ran downstairs and took my book from the coffee table, planning to read it again.

“y/n, please wash the dishes! they might be here in a minute.” mum called. i silently groaned then put the book back again at the coffee table.

i went straight to the kitchen sink with my phone then turned my music player on shuffle.

the player started playing "kitchen sink" by twenty one pilots. how coincidental.

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