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(continuation of chapter twenty)
[bittersweet - panic! at the disco]

it was currently one p.m, i started packing up my bag and fixing on what i was going to wear.

i wore a beige sweater, dark trousers, and some blue sneakers with matching pink totoro socks.

i ripped the drawing that i made from the sketchpad carefully, then folded it precisely. i put it in my bag, then closed it.

“y/n, your friend named simi is here!” mum called. i took my bag and rushed downstairs to see her.

“hi y/n!” simi greeted as i got downstairs.

“hey,” i smiled and took my phone and plugged my headphones on.

“so, got your gift ready?” mum asked.

“yeah, it's with me.” i replied whilst pointing on my bag.

“ooh, i wonder what gift that is...” simi added, looking excited.

“it's a secret, kind of.” i chuckled. i wore my headphones and walked towards simi.

“okay, both of you can go now. message me what time you guys are going to go home, okay?” mum asked.

“yes mum, i will.” i replied as i wore my headphones. few seconds later, simi and i left the house.

“y/n, please remove your headphones!” i heard my mum exclaim. i just laughed while both of us walked away.

“actually, i'm not playing any song right now. i'm just wearing this because i was cold.” i told simi as i put my phone in my pocket.

“oh, by the way, just to let you know, we're not going to robin's house first.” simi added.

“where are we going?” i asked.

“tom told me awhile ago they'll be waiting in the park. so, i'm assuming that they're waiting in the park right now.” she replied. “i hope you stretched properly this morning..”

“why did you say so?” i questioned.

“you'll know soon.” she smirked.

“huh.. well, okay.” i said as i removed my headphones and let it hung on my neck. simi and i crossed the road, then continued walking.


simi and i have finally arrived in the park. both of us looked around and took a stroll for awhile, hoping we could see the others.

after a few moments, we found robin and the two toms on the bench, sitting. while mia was walking around on a tree near the bench on where the three were sitting on.

“hi guys..” i greeted as both of us approached them.

“what's up, y/n?” oyster tom asked.

“nothing much, oyster.” i replied.

“give me a high five!” turtle tom rose his hand, asking for a high five.

“aye!” i exclaimed as i gave turtle tom a high five. i've heard robin calling the two toms turtle and oyster multiple times. so, i asked him if it's alright if i can call them oyster and turtle too– he accepted it, of course.

“so, are we gonna go now?” mia asked.

“not yet,” robin responded.

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